Ethics Program Imagine Company Toyota Essay

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For an organization to be classified as either successful or beaten depends on how the company channels the varied talents and energies of its employees towards achievement of its goals. Organizations need to invest in employee engagement to company success. Effective motivation strategy should include providing a good working environment, good pay and participation of employees in decision making. This creates the feeling of importance and enables employees to commit towards achieving organizational objectives and enhance successful training and implementation of an ethics program. Top managers should avoid the common mistakes that arise during designing and implementation of an effective ethics program. For example, during training, managers should not offer long hours of lecture instead organize employees in small discussion groups. Another common mistake is adopting a program practiced by a given international corporation and hope the program succeeds in the identified organization. Effective ethics programs should be designed to specifically meet the needs of the organization. In developing a compliance strategy, the managers should ensure the program addresses the needs of an average employee as opposed to the legal protection of the organization only Ferrell, et al., 2012.

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Mangers should be careful not design ethics programs while failing to appreciate and understand the goals of the program, the objectives of the program should me measurable and realistic and finally after designing the program, managers should not make the mistake of not owning up to the ethical program. As organizations adapt and refine their ethical programs, it is also important to develop qualitative and quantitative measurement techniques to rate progress toward their goals.


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TOPIC: Essay on Ethics Program Imagine Company Toyota Assignment

Wulf, K. (2012). Ethics and Compliance Programs in Multinational Organizations.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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