Facility Planning Long-Term Care Essay

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Once they acquire the skill, the staff and the patients will be asked for feedback to know I the renovation brought any positive changes. On the basis of the feedback and evaluation, the hospital will offer maintenance services.

11. Conclusion

The health care facilities are in need of updated equipment and skills so that they can offer better healthcare services to more people than they are serving already. This is also the case with PP hospital. The hospital can easily acquire goods and the training services but the costs are a big concern. The costs will be backed by equity and loan financing. The cost analysis has shown that the training, investment and operational costs will be higher and thus the company needs to carefully manage all the items. The purchasing should not be delayed given the inflation. The renovation is expected to complete in less than 10 months' duration. The investments on the parking and noise control may seem not to be too productive at the phase of planning but the stakeholders know that it actually ends up in facilitating everybody including the management, staff, physicians, patients and their attendants (Hayward, 2006). Thus these costs should be considered an investment in hospital as well as the society and not only a timely expenditure.


Fried, D. (2005). "PPH rolls out renovation plan for Escondido hospital," Retrieved from:

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Essay on Facility Planning Long-Term Care Facility Assignment

Hayward, C. (2006) Healthcare facility planning. (1st ed.)…
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