Faith vs. Tradition Research Paper

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Their anti-West feelings are putting them at further loss. This not only goes on to affect the Muslims, but the entire country and the entire globe for that matter. This issue could be contained in the region alone if religion doesn't become a reason to fight or hate the non-Muslims. The cause and effect of mistaken ideas about beliefs about Islam is turning people against each other. It is leading to the creation of terrorist groups and further violence. Islam itself is the religion of peace and people who go on to hurt others or impose certain laws don't do anything in the favor of the religion. It is time that people should be taught the difference between a tradition in their area and what their religion says. Muslims who truly believe and devoted to following their God would most certainly be happy about this clarity.

Intention itself is a major factor in Islam. Many Muslims aren't even aware of that. If they are taken back to the real meaning of Islam they would see that many actions they do aren't religion. They merely think that just because the masses are following it and doing it, it is part of the religion and thus become another sheep in the crowd. The only way to stop this from continuing and strop the extremist side of Islam, Muslims in these regions needs to be educated about the real meaning of Islam.


Akyol, Mustafa. "Faith vs. tradition in Islam." TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. Warwick, United Kingdom. March 2011. Web. 9th March, 2013

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