Family Stress Adaptation Theory Essay

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These also protect the unit from unexpected disruptions in transition situations. Consequently, families faced with stress situations necessitate changes in the restoration of harmony and a counter-balance amidst of the family's contribution towards community network of resources (Smith and Liehr, 2006, pg 93).

Conjunction of topic as a Nurse Practitioner

Foremost, the issue of comprehending the theory is essential in visualizing and identifying ways in which a family can manage the transitional stage of stress. Helping a family adapt to stress is directly conjoined to nursing practice. Each nursing practitioner has a depicted role in the theoretical aspect of the family stress adaptation theory. It is a meta-paradigm of nursing concerning the person under stress, environment of stress development and the health status of the stress affiliated person (Beckett, 2000). A vivid notion concerning the relation to nursing is that as a nursing practitioner, it is vital to promote a member's health, aid in recovery from any illness, maximize functionality upon health limitations, aid in maintaining linkages to societal support, support in enhancing a family's strength and assisting the said family in getting to a point of realistic appraisal (Beckett, 2000).

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The theory's implication is also linked to health practice at post crisis of a person. This mainly happens when a family member is entitled to deep perception of the affecting stressors. Nurses in these situations are necessitated to understand the criticality of the illness and their trajectory response to the complex stress situation of pre and post crisis (Fitzpatrick, 2006, pg 344). Similarly, in most health institutions, there are various devices used to relate to stress adaptation that require the nurses' attention to the person undergoing adaptation. For family members undergoing stress, a Family Adaptation Device is used to take the members through the adaptive sessions. It depicts that the theory is operationalized in being most effective.

Essay on Family Stress Adaptation Theory of Assignment

In nurse practice, it is significant to note that families subjected to stressful situations and adaptive circumstances a re prone to having post psychological health related problems (Robinson, 2000, pg 17). As the theory speculates, stressors such as instant death of relatives, financial constrains, illnesses amongst others do implicate pre-psychological situations. Family members are subjected to negative thinking and restrict thoughts other important aspects of stress relief. Denial is a sense of belief that family members usually portray, submitting them to psychopathic behavioral characteristics (Sorensen, 2010). Reduction in the level of self-esteem towards the family levels is also associated to denial and restoring it is a major role of a nurse towards his or her patients. All these named attributes of poor health are psychological implications that the nursing practice addresses.


Situational stress instances have made families prone to both positive and negative implications. Essential concepts towards coping with stress depend on how a family perceives the stress and avails necessitated resources helpful in undergoing the situation. From the context and scholarly reading of the theory literature, the resources towards adapting to the stressful situation arise from the intra-familial and societal environs (Fitzpatrick, 2006, pg 344). Consequently, nursing has played a crucial role in trying to seek an effective guiding practice and instruments for addressing stress related illness and solving of the situations. Families should, therefore, correlate their situational stress circumstances to nursing practitioners in order to avoid other implicative issues by adequately adapting to the stress situations.


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