Federal Government Policy: Mandatory Internet Essay

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To begin with, the filters are not fool proof. In the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Broadband Department of Australia Web site, there is an admission that it is possible for a user to circumvent filters (DBCDE, 2011). Hence in that regard, filters might be seen as a waste of tax payer's money as their efficiency in accomplishing that which they are designed to accomplish is not guaranteed. Further, there are those who feel that policies on internet filtering are veiled moves towards muzzling free flow of information and freedom of expression (Simpson, 2011).

The Policy and its Relation to Moral Panics

According to Cohen (1980), the occurrence of moral panic is informed by the emergence of an episode or condition that ends up becoming a threat to social order, interests as well as values. With that in mind, it is important to note that today; it is relatively easy to access pornographic material on the internet and hence the move by the federal government to enhance internet filtering is a deliberate attempt to avert instances of moral panics in future especially in regard to children.


In conclusion, it is important to note that though the debate on the benefits or the lack of it thereof in regard to internet filters is unlikely to die any time soon, the relevance of such filters in enhancing cyber safety cannot be overstated.


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Essay on Federal Government Policy: Mandatory Internet Assignment

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