Financial Impact Vulnerable Population Essay

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Surveys show that those with salaries of lower than $40,000 per year usually stay out of the option to have health insurance coverage. Though this is a risk to them, it is one they are willing to bear as a result of the tight economic conditions under which they survive. The one way to resolve these challenges for the vulnerable population is to ensure that the state health programs allows for their inclusion. This can be done by ensuring the program does not bring any kind of discrimination and that the vulnerable population is allowed to pay premiums based on their income levels.

Overall risk to the health care system if the rates of vulnerable populations continue to increase

Should the number of this population continue to increase, there is the risk of the costs of health care escalating to a level which cannot be borne by the government. The government is trying to eliminate this risk through various policies and programs. The healthy people 2020 program is one of the government measures to improve the health of all Americans by the year 2020. This is because one of the goals of the program is to improve the health of the vulnerable populations Shi & Stevens, 2010.

This is done by removing the health disparities in the population. The patient protection and affordable care act of 2010 also seeks to reduce the number of uninsured people by providing them with access to health care Goodson, 2010()


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The vulnerable populations in the U.S. constitute majority of the underinsured and uninsured in the U.S. health care system. The number of people in this population is increasing greatly. There are huge effects of this population to the overall health care system which includes the cost of health care rising significantly. There is need for programs and policies that level the health care coverage in a wise manner in order to bring about equality in health care delivery. This is one of the advantages that are brought about by the healthy people 2020 program and the patient protection and affordable care act.


Essay on Financial Impact Vulnerable Population. Consider: Assignment

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