Fitzgerald and Hemingway the Writings Essay

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At the end of the novel, Lady Ashley tells Jake that she is returning to her fiance although that may not come to pass as the reader has already seen that Lady Ashley is apt to change her mind. In a car, the two discuss what might have been had it not been for his injury. She says, "We could have had such a damned good time together" (Hemingway 251). This is meant to soothe his feelings but it also still serves to underline what has already been intimated. Since Jake cannot have sex with Lady Ashley, she does not see him as a potential romantic mate no matter how psychologically, intellectually, or in any other way compatible.

In both Tender is the Night and The Sun Also Rises, authors F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway explore the ways that men define themselves in terms of women. For Fitzgerald, his protagonist only feels like a man when he has a woman whom he can dominate and emotionally abuse. Dick Diver takes a mentally ill woman who has known nothing but domination and utilizes her pain to his advantage; that is, until she finds a man who does not denigrate and dismiss her, nor uses her for his own selfish gains. Hemingway's protagonist loses his physical manhood in war. Instead of trying to overcome his wound and to live a fulfilling life, he allows the physical damage to become psychologically disabling as well. In both cases, the men desire women that fit into that Victorian mold of womanliness and, no longer finding such a woman in this new period, become self-involved and ultimately self-destructive.

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