Five-Year Skills Development Plan Essay

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This process will also include evaluating the necessary skills and competencies needed for this task in light of those I currently possess. This will be followed by learning the required skills and competencies between the second and third year of this plan. The fourth year will focus on analyzing an effective strategy and technique that businesses can use to improve motivation in the workplace. The strategy or technique will be practiced and applied in the fifth year based on the results of the analysis in the previous year.

Steps for Advancing Plans over the Next Year:

As part of the fulfillment of this vision, specific and concrete steps or processes are required to advance these plans over the next year. Based on the previously described plan for developing complementary skills, the next 12 months will focus primarily on self-evaluation. The first step under self-evaluation is to identify the necessary skills and competencies required for improving motivation in the workplace. During this process, I will not only identify the required skills and competencies but will also examine those I possess presently. Furthermore, the identification of these skills and competencies will also be geared towards determining the right behavior for fulfilling the vision (Smith, n.d.). This process will be carried out within the first four months of self-evaluation strategy.

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Secondly, self-evaluation will focus on evaluating progress and determining current practices that are used for motivation in the workplace. This step incorporates a two-fold approach i.e. identifying initiatives that motivate employees and determining those that de-motivate them. This step incorporates assessment of employee turnover, employee attitudes and morale, and their involvement and contributions towards organizational productivity. As a strategy that will be carried out between the fifth and eighth month, it will include performance of worker satisfaction survey, examining turnover costs, and interviews.

TOPIC: Essay on Five-Year Skills Development Plan: The Assignment

The third step towards development of skills and competencies for the fulfillment of this vision is to take advantage of career development programs and opportunities between the ninth and twelfth month. These programs and opportunities are essential in the development of necessary skills and potential for effective employee motivation that promotes loyalty in the workplace. During this process, I will participate in career development programs and initiatives conducted by the school and external organizations.


The development of skills and competencies for improving motivation in the workplace is based on five-step learning approach that incorporates self-evaluation, learning, analysis, practice, and application. The five-year skills development plan will focus on fulfilling this vision through carrying out necessary procedures in each of these stages of learning.


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Table 1 Plan to Develop Complementary Skills over the Next Five Years





- Assessing Skills and Competencies I Possess

- Evaluating Current Practices and Progress in Motivation in the Workplace

1-12 months


- Acquiring necessary Skills and Competencies in school and through career development initiatives

2nd and 3rd Year


- Examining Effective Strategy and Techniques Business can use to Enhance Employee Motivation

4th Year


- Developing New Strategy or Technique for Motivation in the Workplace

5th Year


- Assessing the Effectiveness of the New Strategy

- Implementing the New Strategy or Technique


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