Food Intake Analysis Food Inake Essay

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If I eat less fiber, then various types of digestive issues may occur. With certainty, too much of any macronutrient that is consumed more than what the body needs will either impair bodily functions or be deposited under our skin in the from of subcutaneous fat. Insomuch, the key is to find a balance of macronutrients.

Fiber Intake Ranges

Unfortunately, my fiber intake does not come close to the 25g that are required. Based on food intake, I consumed 8g, 14g, and 11g respectively. On my best day, I only achieved 56% of the recommended dietary intake. On the day that I had a sub-sandwich with vegetables, my fiber intake was high. Similarly, on the day that I had a baked sweet potato, fiber count was relatively high, as well. However, on the day that I had a cheeseburger with only a pickle and lettuce, this accounted for the lowest fiber intake. Bottomline: I need more fiber-laden vegetables in my diet!

Dietary Modifications

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Past challenges included the dislike for vegetables, which contributes to my lack of fiber. Additionally, I have always the assumed that more protein is better, unbeknownst that such over consumption would merely evolve into subcutaneous fat. Subsequently, the lack of fiber, high protein, and lack of whole foods represent consistent trends in my diet that need to be rectified. Including more fiber-rich dishes, such as chili or other type of bean soup will help with such deficiency. With eating more fruits vs. drinking fruit juice with keep calorie count to a minimal, plus provide the additional fiber that is needed. V8 Fusion may be an option, since it contains one serving of fruit/vegetable with fiber. According to Build a Healthy Body (n.d.), I will follow the Food Pyramid to achieve the recommended daily intake.


TOPIC: Essay on Food Intake Analysis Food Inake Assignment

Since I was concerned about my health and refused to become a statistic, I analyzed my food intake for three days. Surprisingly, the results were alarming, thus providing a reality check. With a fast-paced lifestyle, my diet affects my health, which explains my weight gain and lethargic nature. Based on my results, I am clearly consuming less calories; however, the quality of my food is not providing my body the nutrients that it needs for bodily functions, tissue repairing/building, short-term & long-term sustainable energy, and insulation. What good is it to consume less calories for weight less but to still be deemed unhealthy? My goal is to do both: lose weight and obtain healthy. Therefore, mapping a food diary to achieve the acceptable macronutrient distribution range is critical to attaining a long and healthy lifestyle that I deserve!


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