Ford Motor Company Was Founded Essay

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The Fusion Hybrid combines the best attributes of the petrol engine and electric battery-driven motors." (Ford Motor Company, 2011a) Of late the Fusion Hybrid won the 2010 MOTOR TREND Car of the Year award. (Ford Motor Company, 2011a)


The Ford Motor Company has come a very long way from 1903 and is not only a car and vehicle maker but also is into the Financial services. What has stood the test of time and given the company the solidity that made it thrive during the depression is the Ford Assembly line and mass production along with the absorption by the company of rival industrial models when found suitable and incorporating it to its own working process. Ford's international operations have become the source of the company's competitive strategy. Today it is on the verge of beating Toyota to become the market leader.


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Essay on Ford Motor Company Was Founded Assignment

Studer-Noguez, Isabel. (2002) "Ford…
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