Gangs and Gang-Related Activities Thesis

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Education is one of the most important solutions to the problem of gangs, gang violence, and drug abuse. During my interview with Nick Parker, he made it clear that if he had a mentor or leader to help guide him in school and prevent him from dropping out, he might not have joined the gangs. In Snitch, the kids are diverted from school and they could have succeeded in school if they had avoided gang life. Education and awareness are important, but it is more important to have concrete means to avoid gangs. Participating in community life and healthy activities means that gang life needs to become socially unacceptable by young people, while healthy activities need to become normative. When fewer young people are interested in joining gangs, there will be fewer temptations to join gangs and gradually they will fall by the wayside.

The entire fabric of American society needs to change if gangs are to be eliminated. Unfortunately, the root causes of gangs are not addressed. Law enforcement is only concerned about the problems that manifest such as drug trafficking and weapons trafficking, and are not concerned about the root causes to the problems. The social workers are addressing some of the individual and family level issues, but not at a sufficient scale to make a difference. There must be more effort on the part of lawmakers to provide the means for social, political, and economic empowerment. If low-income communities are empowered, there will be options for social mobility that do not depend on gangs.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Thesis on Gangs and Gang-Related Activities Are Assignment

Gangs are caused by social injustice; therefore, social justice is the solution to gangs. The origins of gangs in American history can be traced to immigrant communities that are disenfranchised and stigmatized. When there is segregation of these communities, they will develop their own systems of laws and social codes in contrast to the dominant culture. Added to this phenomenon is the economic disenfranchisement of these communities, causing them to view illegal and black market activities as legitimate alternatives to the low-income and degrading work that is available. Because gangs cause problems like drug addiction and violence, something must be done to correct the problems.

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