Gay Marriage Essay

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He claimed that "it provides role models for young gay people who, after the exhilaration of coming out, can easily lapse into short-term relationships and insecurity with no tangible goal in sight. It could bring the essence of gay life into the heart of the traditional straight family in a way the family can most understand and the gay offspring can most easily acknowledge." Gays being accepted as normal stands to benefit this minority group in many ways.

The homosexual community is often known for not following a monogamous lifestyle. What is often overlooked it that straight people also fall into this category. It seems quite unfair to everyone to exclude people from certain rights and benefits because of what they do with their sexual organs. All in all it is nobody's business and is a private matter. Gay marriage is risky for this community as it exposes these people to having authorities investigate their lifestyle and monitor it as well.

Reason # 3: Tolerance

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Tolerance is a virtue. Accepting others that reside in the minority is a good exercise at demonstrating compassion and empathy towards others. These qualities are in great need in today's violent and self-serving society. Any demonstration by people wishing to open up their minds to new ways of doing things can ultimately lead to other breakthroughs in social developments. Gay marriage doesn't threaten anyone in any real way. While homosexual sex is often regarded as offensive and weird, there are much more offensive and wierder ideals out there in today's world that need to be explored and understood. Gay marriage as an issue can no doubt inspire other minority groups to be recognized as important and viable sources of citizens.

Its just mean to deny someone their wishes when those wishes do not impose any harm on anyone else. This idea of letting others be as they are is humane and kind. We need more of this attitude to help identify more serious problems in society such as violence, deceit and warfare. Overall, I support this issue as means to healthy living and tolerant acceptance.

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TOPIC: Essay on Gay Marriage the Issue of Assignment

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