Gender Inequality in Hong Kong Essay

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For that reason, women in Hong Kong are over-represented in lesser revenue sectors and unplanned labor. Further, the gender hole in wage has improved in current years and women appear to be much more susceptible when it comes to poverty (Merry, Stern, Deveaux, & Inoue, 2006).

Even though Article 25 of the Basic Law provides that all Hong Kong residents are supposed to equal before the law no matter the situation, many women in Hong Kong do not always feel this way (Kwong, 1999). Additional, article 1 of the Bill of Rights delivers that the rights which are recognized in the Bill can be enjoyed without dissimilarity of any kind, counting sex (Kwong, 1999). Hong Kong has also passed a Sex Discrimination Ordinance that forbids discrimination on the grounds of gender, marital status or pregnancy (Hayes, 2009). Many women feel that this law is a joke because there have been so many instances where this problem has occurred. This law is supposed to prohibit both direct and indirect discrimination but quite a few Hong Kong women believe that the law is not acknowledged as it should be (Wu, 2005). The Convention on the Removal of all Forms of Discrimination regarding Women was protracted to Hong Kong, at the United Kingdom of Great Britain the agreement of the People's Republic of China and also North Ireland in 1996.


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Violence that goes on against women is talked about up under three legal frameworks under a couple of legal frameworks in Hong Kong. However, women still feel that they are not protected enough. There is really no specific legislation to criminalize violence against women as the Domestic Violence Ordinance is a civil tool giving sanctions and court orders. Men that are Perpetrators of domestic violence can be impeached under the Crimes Decree, on the other hand, the law is biased and appears that men can harm a woman and in some cases just get a slap on the wrist.

Essay on Gender Inequality in Hong Kong Assignment

A lot of women in Hong Kong believe that they do not receive fair coverage and that reports have risen abruptly in current years, and that a lot of coverage is not reported properly because they are women. However, they believe when violence is done toward the men, that they get better coverage and treatment from the media (Kwong, 1999). Data that has come from other resources services suggests that domestic violence goes unreported all the time. A non-government society that has a hot-line made the report that the amount of calls to the hotline have really gone up over the years from 4936 in 1998 to 8632 in 2004 (Merry, Stern, Deveaux, & Inoue, 2006)

In addition to legal protection, the Social Welfare Department tries to handle this problem through education but women believe that this issue is still not handled properly. They know that the system is very biased and favors the men. Over the years women have come together, through merger of two Working Groups to better confront the issue of domestic and sexual violence matters (Wu, 2005). Data that has come from women's organizations specifies that criminal accusations are laid in only 15-30% of domestic violence situations (Kwong, 1999). Women's supporters have even come forward and criticized the government's reply to violence that has been going on against women, observing that legislations and rules are fragmented and favor the guys.

In conclusion, although Hong Kong has really come a long ways when it comes to gender inequality, it still has some areas that they need to work on. Even though the society has become more western and has improved on a lot of social issues, gender quality is one that still seems to lag behind in the dark ages for some people.

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