Graphic Novel Watchmen by Alan Essay

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In the novel Rorschach is looking into a plot to kill all masks (his word for costumed heroes).

the lost TV show -- The creators of the Watchmen had a problem. They had to do a 12 issue comic book, but only had ideas for 6. Solution? They created flashbacks. This plot creation of flashback has become a fixture of literature and is seen for instance in the 'Lost' TV show that without its flashbacks would have been over in possibly one season.

Heroes TV show -- The plot of 'Heroes' is similar to that of Watchmen. Heroes copied the plot of bringing devastation to NYC in order to heal the world. Sylar too was a watchmaker similar to the one in Watchmen who had real superpowers. Both too lacked morals and regard for human life.

In short, Watchmen became innovative precisely due to tis fashioning a counter hero who became an anti-hero of sorts and et the new trend for movie and TV criticism of superheros. "Who watches the watchmen" became the new motto and lingered into the next decade having an impact, in turn, on succeeding TV, literary, and movie genre. The hero became amoral and nihilistic and was replaced by the ordinary person.


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Essay on Graphic Novel Watchmen by Alan Assignment

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