Group Motivation and Evaluation Essay

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This exercise has emphasized to me the importance of working in a group at approximately the same ability and knowledge level as one's self. I find that I do not work well in a group where individual know a great deal more or less about the subject than me, because either situation leads to an unbalanced distribution of work. Further, I have learned that I work well in groups where I can take a leadership role, and perform less well when I am subordinate. In thinking about my responses, I learned that I prefer working with groups of individuals who I had no prior relationship with, and feel more driven to perform when I am proving the quality of my work to new individuals.

In future, I will use this knowledge to attempt to seek out leadership roles in the groups I am assigned to. I will also attempt to ascertain the experience level of the individuals in my group in advance, so the group can work to bring every member to the same level before beginning projects. In addition, I will attempt to create situations where group work does not depend wholly on each individual carrying out one part of the work. That is, while it is good to break up work, it is unwise to make one person responsible for an element which can halt work entirely if it is not finished. It is better to complete the most vital pieces of work as a group, so that everyone is aware of what needs to be done, and has a say in completing it.

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In regards to motivation, I believe for me, the most important motivator is the work level of the individuals around me. If my group members are working and completing their portion of the exercise, then I feel motivated to do my portion to the best of my ability. If my group members are not working, or are doing it poorly, I feel that I am putting in a disproportionate amount of effort and lose motivation. I must attempt to find a more intrinsic form of motivation for myself during group work, rather than depending on the extrinsic motivators of the work level of others. If I translate my motivation from outside to inside, and rely on the motivation of the knowledge that I produced good work, I will be more motivated overall as a member of a group.

Essay on Group Motivation and Evaluation Group Assignment

In addition, taking a leadership role will help me be more motivated. Knowing that others are looking to me to perform and to direct the group will help me to stay engaged and interested in the work. I will also be willing to do more than my individual portion, because I feel responsible for the group. If I do take a leadership role, however, I must be aware that other individuals need other types of motivation. In order to increase the motivation of the group as a whole, I should examine the reasons why the individuals in my group are involved in the project. That information can then be used to help determine whether the individual has an intrinsic or extrinsic source of motivation (Lei et al. 2010). Overall, this exercise helped me to better understand my own motivations, but more, it helped me to understand the role I should play in a group, and to consider the fact that what motivates me does not motivate everyone.

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