Group Motivation Inventory Essay

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This is because, when a group decides to convene without other members' approval, even if they attend the group meeting, their inputs will be low since their concentration will not be at the group's activity.


All in all, group motivation is paramount when it comes to success realization. Since groups are made up of different people with different traits, finding a way to maximize their abilities for the group's projects while maintaining their interest in the group and the task carried out is important. Incentive provision is one way of achieving motivation among group members and each of them should be motivated uniquely since not all of them are motivated by the same thing, therefore, knowing the group one is on a personal level is required. Some of the advantages experienced when a group is motivated are like; the group performs efficiently and more productively, the morale of the individual members is enhanced, and more so, the group members are encouraged to developed more skills, which might be, of importance to the group goal achievement efforts.


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Lewis, T. (2011). Assessing social identity and collective efficacy as theories of group motivation at work. [Article]. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22(4), 963-980. doi: 10.1080/09585192.2011.555136

Essay on Group Motivation Inventory Motivation Can Assignment

Xiangli, G.U., Solmon, M.A., Tao, Z., & Ping, X. (2011). Group Cohesion, Achievement Motivation, and Motivational Outcomes among Female College Students. Journal of…
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Group Motivation Essay

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