Happiness Interviews Essay

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However, both individuals have devoted their lives to helping others -- my mother tirelessly raised three children, while my colleague works as a nurse. In this regard, the interview revealed the shifting nature of happiness and its manifestations.

Interview with Mother

Question: What does happiness mean to you now?

Answer: Well, I've had a difficult life, but I've been blessed with a lot as well. I think happiness has definitely changed for me over time; when I was younger, I had a lot more ambition, as did you father. Now, happiness comes from day-to-day events -- cooking a great meal, waking up in the morning pain-free, seeing your father and you children happy. I think as you get older you start to become satisfied from the little things, maybe because you start to come to terms with your own mortality.

Question: When were you most happy in life?

Answer: Without Question, when I met your father. I loved my family growing up, but when I met you father, that was my ticket to independence. I was raised with very conservative, traditional values, and getting married meant that I could start a family.

Question: What did happiness mean as a child?

Answer: My childhood was a bit difficult for me; as you know, my father had a quick temper, and there was often a lot of tension around, which was hard for me since family is so important to me. I would say that growing up, happiness meant that everyone was in a good mood -- again, I just wanted everyone to stay happy and I hated tension.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Question: Would you consider your father abusive?

Answer: No, because I always knew that he loved me, and he always gave me unconditional love. Still, his outbursts were hard for me to take, and I knew that whoever I married had to have a lot of patience.

Question: When were you least happy?

Essay on Happiness Interviews on Happiness Is Assignment

Answer: Of course, I was least happy when your sister died; I now she was sick and it was expected, but what he went through tore me up. I still think about it all the time, but I like to think I've come to terms with her passing away.

Question: Will your definition of happiness change in the future?

Answer: It might; like I said, as you get older you grow less ambitious. Now, I get pleasure from simple activities like exercising and travel, but in a few years, happiness might come from even smaller things, like just watching a fun tv show or talking on the phone.

Interview with Coworker

Question: What does happiness mean to you now?

Answer: Happiness comes from independence -- that and helping others. I grew up in a tight household and my parents never let me have enough freedom, so I love living on my own and exploring new activities like going out to restaurants or watching films.

Question: When were you most happy in life?

Answer: Probably now. I love my job -- helping patients and taking an active role in surgical procedures is just so rewarding. I've loved developing new hobbies, like going out to restaurants. I had a 15-course meal at a restaurant a couple weeks ago that was incredible -- I love eating dishes that I never would have thought to try. And I now realize that I like foie gras, when its prepared well of course!

Question: What did happiness mean as a child?

Answer: I'm ashamed to say it, but I was a whiny child. I grew up in a wealthy family and I loved flaunting our families social status. I used to love wearing new clothes; I remember not even having any emotional attachment to the clothes -- I just loved seeing my classmates' envious reactions to all of my new outfits.

Question: When were you least happy?

Answer: In high school, I became anorexic. I had always been overly concerned with what other people thought of me, and this tore me up to the point that I became undernourished. I suppose there was a benefit from the whole escapade, though, since it taught me to appreciate myself for who I am and gain an appreciation for helping others.

Question: Did your experience with anorexia inform your love for restaurants?

Answer: Oh, definitely. Anorexia is a terrible affliction and it's a constant battle to overcome it, but going out to eat is certainly a therapeutic endeavor for me in light of my history with an eating disorder.

Question: Will your definition of happiness change in the future?

Answer: I'm sure it will. I'm still pretty young and who knows, I might get married and start a family. Then happiness would come more from seeing my family happy then from me… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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