Health Benchmarking Discuss Barriers Essay

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) give an indication of where priorities may be" (Health and safety benchmarking: Improving together, 1999, HSE: 2). Continuous data collection helps silence critics by showing where needed reforms must be made. It is easier to overcome resistance when there is clear, consistent evidence that personnel are less safe than in previous years or the company is performing below accepted industry standards and reforms are required.

Another barrier which firms occasionally encounter is the question of who should perform the benchmarking. At larger firms, there may already be personnel in place who have the responsibility for this exercise. At smaller firms, there may be a debate as to whether internal or external entities should be responsible. Both have advantages and disadvantages. In the case of internal safety audits, it may be easier to get critical personnel 'on board' and there may be less disagreement because the data is presented by insiders. It "can help improve communication" and is often cheaper because of the ease of obtaining the data (Health and safety benchmarking: Improving together, 1999, HSE: 6). However, using an external organization may give the company the ability to compare their standards with competitors in a cross-industry fashion and bring a more objective eye to the process

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Another area of resistance may be if benchmarking was used in the past but did not seem to fundamentally change the organization. It is not enough that benchmarking is conducted: the action plan generated must be SMARTT (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic Trackable and Timebound (Health and safety benchmarking: Improving together, 1999, HSE: 11). These exercises are conducted for a purpose, it must be remembered, not for theoretically reasons, and consistent effort is required to ensure they are translated into results.


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Health and safety benchmarking: Improving…
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