Health Care to an Indigent Essay

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The plan will also provide a means for lower income families to afford and take advantage of health care offerings that they might not have otherwise received. The plan also significantly reduces wait times and customer service which often contribute to the low overall enrollments.

Discuss five (5) factors that point to the need of change by Cooper Green Hospital.

First, the rapid change in the U.S. health care system was a factor that required the Cooper Green Hospital to change its approach to costs. Another factor was massive lay-offs that ultimately harmed the firm's image in the public arena. Cutting programs, lack of resources to invest in capital projects, poor customer service and long waiting times were are factors that pointing to the need for change within the firm.

Many indigent or low income individuals also face significant barriers to health from their environment including but not limited to the need to work long hours for low pay, the possibility of having a lower than average education level, and the fact that they often live in challenging environment. These environments often have a positive correlation with crime, poverty and access to services, and healthy food. These factors often contribute to the low overall service and moral at the hospital.

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In addition, the staff that is committed to serving the poor are often overworked and underpaid. Furthermore, at the hospital there are often far more challenges than resources to meet patient needs appropriate. As such, many of the provisions needed for the poor are often funded through tax payer dollars. Though most people who choose such professions and positions are fundamentally aware that what their positions entails, the overall working environment, low pay, and some negative interactions with patients add to low morale and challenge anyone to do their job efficiently and effectively in regards to overall service (Velasco, 2007).

Discuss five (5) strengths and five (5) weaknesses of the Cooper Green Hospital.

Essay on Health Care to an Indigent Assignment

The five weaknesses of the hospital as stated above were the long wait times, poor customer service, the overall quality of care, lack of legitimate funding, and the lack of resources to invest in capital projects are all weaknesses associated with the hospital. The strengths of the firm are driven primarily by management's passion to serve the community, the ability to attract similar individuals, tax revenue generation, its ability to provide low cost services, and its ability to innovate effectively.

Discuss five (5) strengths and five (5) weaknesses of community care plan

The community care plans first strength is that it is a prepaid membership plan based on family size and income. This will allow the plan to provide quality medical care for at affordable price and with less waiting time. In a scenario where there are constant changes in the U.S. health care system, where managed care was altering how providers interacted with patients funding for care was restricted and many health care system were using non-physician providers to cut cost, had an opportunity and challenge to attract uninsured patients and outperform its competitors. Finally, the plan allows the hospital to guarantee more payments through prepayment as oppose to relying on credit which patients can easily default on.

A weakness of the plan is that it relies heavily on low income families who traditional have less money to spend. The plan also relies to a certain extent of tax payer revenue, which can easily be cut by the state. The plan does not address issues regarding low morale within the system overall. It also does not address the issues of low wages and long hours prevailing within the facilities. Finally, the plan does not address the overall quality of service provided to the community.


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