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Public health professionals have various roles within the health care systems: They should be in a position to understand and apply new advances in science. This will help them in their attempt to make their work successful as well as dealing with the daily emerging health challenges. They as well need to apply new approaches to research, these approaches may involve researchers, practitioners plus the community to make a joint efforts in improving health and in understanding global health issues that tend to transcend national boundaries increasingly, (Gebbie, K.,, 2003). Public health professionals should be proficient in terms of communication for them to effectively interact with multiple audiences in understanding and incorporating their needs as well as perspectives of culturally diverse communities within the public health interventions. They should have the capability of identifying and addressing the numerous ethical issues that might come up within the public health practice and research. These should be handled effectively with a lot of care to avoid one party feeling unsatisfied.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Health Care Professionals Healthcare Professionals Assignment

Health service administrators have different roles that they are expected to carry out effectively. They run the health care system through coordinating and organizing the financing and delivery of care as well as taking part in the management of health facilities. Administrators who are in the executive level since they are highly educated have the role of overall policy directions, (The Princeton Review., 2008). Apart from overseeing compliance with government agencies and regulations, they asses if there will be any need for personnel, equipment and services and make recommendations concerning the expansion or curtailment of services and need for establishment of auxiliary or new facilities. Based on their experience and expertise a section of them offer professional assistance to oversee clinical departments' activities like surgery or nursing, on the other hand they may direct activities of non-health areas like finance, public relation and personnel. Clinical managers tend to be health specialists who act in supervision of specific clinical services within the healthcare industry, (Ann Thorac Surg, 2007). On top of having specific training jobs, they take part in the implementation of policies and procedures within their departments as they do coordination of their activities with other managers.


The bodies concerned with the affairs of the healthcare are supposed to come up with a more appropriate strategy of solving the problem of nursing shortage. They should fund the sector, establishing more training institutions as well as reviewing their earnings. The roles of public health professional vary according to the level and sector. They generally oversee the running of the health care.


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