Health Care Services for Myocardial Essay

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Rationale for the Proposals:

The chronic aspirin and statin therapy and REACT theory-based intervention are health care services based on drug benefits and healthy behaviors. Chronic aspirin and statin therapy is based on the concept of drug benefits in enhancing patient outcomes while REACT theory-based intervention seeks to promote healthy and timely behaviors in response to the disease. Notably, these intervention measures are based on the behavioral theories of primary health care (Wei, Fahey & MacDonald, 2008, p.113). In addition to promoting quick response to hospital-seeking AMI patients, the interventions demonstrate that proper health behaviors can help patients in improving their clinical outcomes ("Improving Care," 2006).


Myocardial infarction is one of the major cardiovascular diseases that account for a huge portion of annual deaths in Australia. Throughout the years, myocardial infarction has mainly been treated through reperfusion therapies that are initiated within the first few hours of the onset of symptoms in order to lessen the disease's morbidity and mortality. As the reperfusion therapies continue to experience several innovations, there is need to develop appropriate primary health care services and initiatives that improve how the disease is treated in Australia. The two major ways for improving these services are chronic aspirin and statin therapy and REACT theory-based intervention. These initiatives are mainly based on behavioral theories of primary health care and seek to promote good healthy behaviors to enhance patient outcomes.

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Essay on Health Care Services for Myocardial Assignment

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