Healthcare Administration in a Perfectly Essay

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As medical services become increasingly complex, and consumers demand a greater variety of procedures, including cosmetic, the number of physicians has not grown in proportion to this demand. While the numbers are growing, it is insufficient to meet the increase in demand. Physicians graduating today receive two or three offers, and this drives up the price of physicians (Cauchon, 2005).

3. a. An increase in the incomes of buyers is going to bring more buyers into the market. In the short run this will cause an increase in the price of kidneys. The price increase will bring new suppliers into the market, restoring equilibrium at a higher price.

b. A decrease in the price of dialysis will increase demand for this substitute. A consequence of this is that the demand for kidneys will decrease. The price will therefore drop to entice buyers back into the market, but some suppliers will exit the market, allowing the market to find a new equilibrium at a lower price.

c. This great new drug will reduce transplant risks, bringing new customers into the market. As demand rises, the price of kidneys will also rise until new supply enters the market and a new equilibrium is reached at a higher price.

d. Greater willingness to supply kidneys will increase supply. This will result in a lower price for kidneys. New buyers will then enter the market, and a new equilibrium point will be reached at the lower price.

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4. One view is that government should intervene as little as possible a market-based health care system. All services will find an equilibrium point where supply and demand meet each other at a fair price. The second view holds that social outcomes have value as well -- more people should be in the health care system. This increases demand, and supply will need to be created to meet that demand. The politician's role in the first view is minimal but in the second view the politician should seek to increase demand and supply in the market to enact coverage for all.

Essay on Healthcare Administration in a Perfectly Assignment

5. Subsidies should be provided to lower the cost of medical education. The reason is that there is a shortfall of physicians and the supply needs to be increased. Making the profession more attractive economically is the best way to do that. Talented people need to be enticed out of other professions and into medicine, and lowering the upfront cost serves that purpose.

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