Healthcare Policy Western Philosophical Thought Thesis

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His work on power and the relationships between power, knowledge and communication will provide guidance for this study, particularly in the areas of power between the social classes, as it relates to healthcare actions by the individuals and the development of better access to public health care.

This study will use these theorists and philosophers to develop effective strategies for societal change that results in wider access to the public healthcare system. It will utilize a multidisciplinary transtheoretical approach, based on key theories from the area of sociology, psychology, and philosophy to develop effective public policies that will result in improved access to the public healthcare system for individuals and various SES classes. The transtheoretical approach will be applied to societal, rather than individual change (Finnell, 2010).


This research will support the thesis that the development of effective public policy regarding access and health behaviors within the public healthcare system will result in effective changes within society related to public health. These changes will focus on improvements in individuals that have an effect on society, It will also focus on addressing issues involves in cultural and SES status that effect access to public healthcare.


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Thesis on Healthcare Policy Western Philosophical Thought Assignment

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