Healthcare System Built Dominant European-American Essay

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Therefore, within my organization I would attempt to actively promote many of the negative conditions that can result from alcohol abuse such as fetal alcohol syndrome and all of the different ways that alcoholism can make a family dysfunctional. Additionally, I would also work with a public health service agency to issues these same sorts of promotions in the communities in which these groups of people are found via billboards, bus benches, and television advertising.

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One of the historic events that has contributed to a distrust on the part of African-Americans related to the health care system within the United States is directly related to the Tuskegee experiment. There is a history of distrust amongst these people and the health care system in this country (Armstrong et al., 2006, p. 292) Although this experiment was not directly attributed o the U.S. health care system (it technically applied to an area of professional research), many African-Americans associate this travesty with the health care system, doctors, researchers, and individuals who work in laboratories or hospitals. The fact that these African-American men were purposefully given a sexually transmitted disease is difficult to forget (CDC, 2013). Native Americans have had to account for a lengthy history of lies from the U.S. government (Hendrix, no date), which implicitly and overtly represents the health care system. Thus, chicanery such as the Dawes Act, in which Native Americans never received allotted land benefits, relates to the perception of distrust among these people and the health care system (Native American Encyclopedia, 2013).


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TOPIC: Essay on Healthcare System Built Dominant European-American Assignment

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