Homosexuality and Marriage Argumentative Response Essay

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Homosexuals, when given the right to adopt children, have faced a lot of difficulty in order to be able to adopt. This is because they face a lot of obstacles and lengthy processes to be able to adopt, as they are not recognized by the state. These marriages have also seen these couples go through a lot of difficulties like; high insurance payments, higher taxes, difficulties in acquiring healthcare insurance for their families and partners. Homosexuals have not been recognized by the state because the state knows the implications of implementing these kinds of marriages. Forming a family by the gay is difficult as adoption of children is also difficult. Civil unions are the most appropriate arrangements for gay marriages.

Homosexuals if allowed to marry each other it will open floodgates to all sorts of demands. If love is enough bases for marriage, then people will also fight for marriage with animals. They will argue that animals are better than humans are as they can give a long-term commitment. Others will even fight for rights to marry their own relatives because they are in love. All these are deviant behaviors, which should stop before the society evolves into a generation of chaos.


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When gay marriages are legalized, it means that in the near future marriage will be meaningless. It will open doors to all sorts of crazy and weird behavior. Gay marriages will destroy the sanctity of marriage hence should not be allowed. This shows deviant behavior and decay in the morals of the public which should not be supported at all costs. Gay is sinful a drag to economic growth, immoral and, therefore, should be abolished.


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TOPIC: Essay on Homosexuality and Marriage Argumentative Response Assignment

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