Hong Kong Healthcare Essay

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The government should promote the establishment of low income outreach facilities that can be of value in reducing medical costs.

In conclusion, these broad proposals in relation to gender inequality and poverty are ways to stop a downslide in the Hong Kong health system in the decade ahead. But more important than these particular steps is the imperative to see our problems clearly and to shape our political and economic arguments around them in the coming years. If Hong Kong wants to maintain its global edge it cannot afford to neglect its less fortunate citizens. Strong families -- and the commitments and habits they teach -- are essential to both a market economy and a working democracy. More than ever before, the health of Hong Kong's social institutions as they relation to health access must be a priority for all those concerned about our city's future and especially those who would champion innovation and free markets. Balancing economic innovation and social cohesion is a struggle in every free nation however it is one that is worth the challenge.


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TOPIC: Essay on Hong Kong Healthcare in the Assignment


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