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Most clients and customers will also be cost conscious and can usually frequent the accommodation that provides them cost effective. Hence, the bargaining power of customer is high.

Threat of Substitutes - Hotels

Yeaswich (2006) for the Australian markets further observes that substitutes for the hotel industry are often low and can include alternative types of leisure accommodations inclusive of camping sites, portable homes or motor-homes or staying with buddies and family. Switching costs vary from minimal to high (e.g. The cost of the motor-home).

PESTE Analysis

Political Atmosphere

These make reference to government policy like the amount of intervention throughout the economy. Hotel industry in addition to tourism industry includes a fundamental backbone from the government support; without so, it won't have the ability to sustain within the competitive world. Government charges large amount of tax in the star and luxury group of hotels and therefore has a huge effect using the political changes that occur. Any small step taken through the government by altering some law it might seriously affect hotel industry. Your accommodation market is getting huge incentives and also the government authorities support the introduction of hotels as well as their growth. This in reality solves the issue how hotels are intending to expand within the economic crunch time. The government's stability and input, as suggested by Cassidy and Guilding (2007), is thus extremely important for this industry to prosper.


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These include rates of interest, taxation changes, economic growth, inflation and forex rates. As one can see through the "Fundamentals of Financial aspects" book economic change may have a major effect on a firm's behaviour.

TOPIC: Essay on Hotel Management Strategy Report Style: Assignment

Hotels in Gold Coast, according to the conclusions made by Cassidy and Guilding (2007), attempt to capitalise around the foreign vacationers who're seen to create more income to invest together with the growing quantity of anticipation in the hotels. As observed in the past the visitors are prepared to purchase the help they get and also the more the visitors spend the more would the accommodation and tourist industry would succeed. With the rise in the percentage of the visitors the requirement for the great and splendid hotels has become massive. The per capita earnings in Australia also offers rose to a different extent.

Economy within Australia, Cassidy and Guilding (2007) state, faced probably the most minimal impact in the recent economic depression that the global economy underwent due to the controlled economic climate in the region. This assisted hotels to simply focus on the foreign vacationers which in fact had reduced and also the local market being stable was a relief towards the Tourism and Hotel Industry.


Changes in social trends could affect the interest in a firm's items and also the availability and readiness of people to operate.

The social structure within Australia is mixed. It doesn't matter where you're from because in Australia you are more likely to find someone from your community which makes it a very attractive place for international visitors as well. Plus, the entire security level within the country is one that attracts most visitors to Australia as opposed to any other region. It has to be noted here that a majority of the tourist structure in Australia is representative of their social structure. In support of this, Warnken and colleagues (2008) conclude that as tourism isn't a business within the conventional sense of the word, it doesn't come in the nation's accounts or perhaps in worldwide record classifications. It is primarily a social phenomenon and thus must be treated as such. To be able to establish sufficient record standards, a precise meaning of tourism and also the tourist industry continues to be decided on through the United Nation's World Tourism Organisation: Tourism comprises those activities of people going to and remaining in places outside of their usual atmosphere for only one consecutive year for leisure or business along with other reasons that are not associated with the exercise of the activity remunerated from inside the area visited. Hence, the social structure of a state must be one that these consumers will enjoy and feel secure in. They assess thus that industries are often classified based on the service or product being provided but rather, tourism is determined based on the consumer from the service or product, and thus might be considered a social industry. Furthermore, a higher quantity of companies in tourism, hospitality and occasions are involved in several industries. Hotels, for instance, need tourism to create a part of their business, and special occasions or events cooperate with tourism to advertise their location. Some of the common events that are necessary for a satisfactory social standard amongst the consumers according to the study conducted by Warnken and colleagues (2009) include:

Large Tour - 12% of interstate site visitors towards the Gold Coast are inclined to take that Large Tour holiday. There's been some fall off within this market since mid-2003.

Getaway - This holiday type makes up about 15% of interstate site visitors. There's been a large percentage of leverage with this particular market type since September 2003.

Special Occasions - 9% of interstate site visitors arrived at the Gold Coast with regards to an occasion. Lexmark Indianapolis 300, held more than one week every year in October, may be the chief Gold Coast event which draws in interstate site visitors.

Intrastate Markets: Short Break - 41% from the Gold Coast's intrastate site visitors are more inclined to take a Short Break. There is some falling away within the market at the end of 2003. The Gold Coast's closeness to Queensland causes it to be a perfect short break place to go for Queensland citizens. Both seaside and hinterland short break stays are well-liked by the intrastate market.

VFR - 26% of intrastate site visitors are inclined to take a VFR holiday. There is strong development in the Forex market for this sector since 2003.

Beach Holiday - There's been some lift within this market which paid for more than 18% of visitation rights since December 2003. This can be a favourable sign if this market sustains (Warnken et al., 2009).


The technological consistency within Australia is also on par with what the tourist industry needs in terms of airports, hotels, services, transport as well as other peripheral aspects as well.

Technology has been seen to possess reduced the manpower and/or the energy needed through the people in accordance to the conclusions made by Cassidy and Guilding (2007). It might continually be a boon to mankind, they assert, and also the technological upgrades would assist to show the advances and progress. Cassidy and Guilding (2007) continue concluding that most hotels within Australia -- Gold Coast Area -- have the Wi-Fi compatibility installed and some of them offer web connection to each room personally Wi-Fi compatibility which may lessen the guest complaints concerning the in room facilities complaints and therefore the industry may find many visitors happy and pleased with a concept individuals get that which you purchase.

Three Issues

For just about any destination strategy to work and sustainable in the long run, it has to have strong fundamentals. You will find three primary fundamentals which behave as cornerstones to some effective destination strategy:

1. Market demand qualities (the requirements of consumer marketplaces)

2. The regions' 'distinctive competence' or competitive advantage

3. The aspirations from the neighbourhood

The overlap of those three fundamental areas is needed because the central pillar of the effective destination strategy. Perhaps the most important of these is the market demands. As emphasized in the PEST analysis, tourism is a social phenomenon that is dependent upon the consumer trends hence understanding what they need is only half the battle -- the next important step is providing them what they demand in an efficient manner. Australia has a wide variety of culture and thus the research on what the local and foreign tourists want is not inconclusive or insufficient and with Australia's own topographical and geographical uniqueness, it is not hard for Australia to make significant mark in overcoming the three aforementioned issues that could taint a strong tourist structure. Australia has amazing wildlife, vibrant cultures and beautiful scenic or tourist attractions and like a resort destination, Cassidy and Guilding (2007) assert that the Gold Coast region shares commonalities with lots of other Queensland, Australian and Worldwide resort locations. The goal from the TOP would be to recognize tourism investment and infrastructure possibilities which could develop the region's unique reason for difference to be able to enhance the locations marketability.

Recommendations produced in this report concentrate on projects which align with one of these destination guiding concepts and aims, have strong stakeholder support and will probably help in understanding the destination's long-term vision for sustainable tourism. Another recommendation here could be to pinpoint the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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