Houston Real Estate Search Essay

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2 miles (5min)

8-10 minute drive to Texas Medical Center (3.7 miles)

Easy access off street parking

Mid Range listing Price

HOH fees include exterior and grounds maintenance and limited access gates


Dark finishings

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets need updating

HOH fees

Property #2

1414 ROSEDALE, Houston, TX 77004

Located in Houston's Famed Museum District Neighborhood

Listing Information

List Price $379,000 Listed 03/25/11 Beds 3 Full Baths 3 Partial Baths 1 Property Type SFR Sq. Ft. 2,445 $/Sq. Ft. $155 Lot Size 1,499 Sq. Ft. Year Built 2006 Source Houston Realtors Information Service, Inc. MLS #79495934 Views1

"Immaculate and pristine recent construction in lovely gated community close to downtown and the medical center. Blessed with functional and flowing floor plan, amenities include *gleaming hardwoods *open living area perfect for entertaining *gas log fireplace in living *designer finishes thruout *cook's kitchen with Brookhaven cabinetry and top of the line ss appliances *master bedrm w 2 walk-in closets and luxurious bath *roof terrace plus standing seam aluminum roof. "

Tax Information

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Tax assessed value of this property is 385,786 and taxes for 2010 were $9,738.14. Taxes are high on this property but its tax assessed value is higher than its listing price a relatively rare situation, which could indicate that the property may decline in value and therefore leave the owners with a mortgage that is higher than the value of the home. Yet, it is still worth looking at as it offers much of what the couple is looking for and may allow room for negotiation on the price.

TOPIC: Essay on Houston Real Estate Search Prompt: Assignment

The property built in 2006 has modern amenities and is a single family dwelling in a gated community. The home has limited views of downtown, obscured by residential and the Medical center but a lovely green roof outside terrace area. The architecture is slightly more classic, as opposed to modern but it is reminiscent of the Spanish style popular in the LA area, with outside stucco and inside bright open spaces and light colored finishings.

Pros and Cons


Mid-high range listing price but close in to desired area

The property is 2.1 miles from the Medical Center (8 min)

1.3 miles (5 min) from the Huston Community College main campus

The location in Houston's famed museum district is a highly sought after area within walking distance to a great many regional points of artistic interest and close to the downtown attractions.

Easy access off street parking


Views do not compare to the previous listing and though it is a single family dwelling its is very close to its nearest neighbors, i.e. feet from the neighbors and has therefore limited light and views from side windows, that is made up for by front/back and terrace views.

High HOH fees include security and gate maintenance exterior and grounds maintenance is unknown

Property #3

2520 ROBINHOOD ST #609, Houston, TX 77005

Listing Information

List Price $324,900 Listed 03/26/11 Beds2 Full Baths2 Partial Baths1 Property TypeCONDO/TH Sq. Ft.1,614 $/Sq. Ft.$201 Lot SizeN/A Year Built2000 SourceHouston Realtors Information Service, Inc. MLS #64265288 Views3

"Style, comfort & convenience! Extremely enticing two-story home with sweeping views of downtown & the medical center and a great location (very close to fabulous rice village). Interior features; open floor plan, 2-story entry, hardwoods, high ceilings, granite countertops, neutral colors, window coverings, oversized custom closet in main bath, spa tub & separate shower, zoned hvac system, spectacular east views, 2 on-site storage units (a bonus) and a large covered balcony. See this one now!"

Tax Information

Tax information tax appraised value of $209, 875, 2010 taxes paid $4,084.04. This is the smallest unit to be viewed and therefore has the lowest tax value, as well as the lowest taxes due per year. The tax assessment is also lower because the property has no land and is instead in a large high rise. The assessment value is therefore in line with the property location and many amenities and options are shared with neighbors.

Pros and Cons


Mid-Low Range listing price

Outstanding layout neutral colors and modern finishings. Very nice looking property inside and on terrace.

Great views of city and medical center.

In high rise complex, with many shared amenities

Many additional amenities associated with HOH including building and grounds, cable, concierge, limited access entry, recreation facilities, off-street shared parking, trash, water and sewer, secured storage in parking facility for unit.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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