HR and Corporate Strategy Essay

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Key sales representative behaviors identified include the following: (1) High-quality communication skills; (2) Strong ability to close sales; (3) Professional; (4) Sharply dressed and groomed; (5) Solid listening skills; (6) High ability to ascertain customers' needs; (7) Team player with other sales representatives; (8) Prompt to work and puts in enough hours to succeed; (9) Creative in finding new sales methods; (10) Excellent customer prospecting skills; and (11) Strong ethics. (, 2010)

Performance Review System

The performance review system design will be of the nature that will assess the key sales representatives in the following areas:

(1) Is the sales representative recognized for outstanding customer service before, during and following the sale?

(2) Is the company progressing toward becoming the largest pre-owned auto dealer in LA specializing in luxury cars;

(3) Does the sales staff have high levels of ethics, communication skills and teamwork?

(4) Does the company maintain a clean and comfortable environment for consumers?

(5) Have gross sales increased by 10%?

(6) Are the highest quality automobiles sold?

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The assessment will be made through conducting surveys among customers, employees and managerial staff of the organization. The information gained during the surveys will serve to inform HR if the organizational strategic objectives are being met. In addition, HR managers will conduct reviews of each of the key sales representatives including their hours worked their sales averages and their customer feedback to assess their job performance.

TOPIC: Essay on HR and Corporate Strategy the Assignment

If the organization is recognized for outstanding customer service before, during and following the sale it only stands to reason that the key sales representatives have excellent communication skills. Secondly, key sales representatives who have a strong ability to close sales will serve to ensure that the dealership becomes the largest pre-owned automobile dealer in Los Angeles in the luxury car market. If the key sales representatives are professional and sharply dressed and groomed and posses solid listening skills and area tuned to the customer's needs, then developing a sales staff with the highest levels of ethics, communication skills and teamwork will be successful. Key sales associates who are team players, arrive at work promptly and work enough hours to succeed will also ensure that the company succeeds.

Evaluation conducted in the manner stated in this study will serve to provide a well-rounded and fully informed view of the level of performance of key sales representatives of the organization. It is necessary to not only evaluate the key sales representative performance in terms of the view of the organization but also it is necessary to evaluate these individual's performance through the eyes of the consumer or the customers of the organization.

Performance Reviews will be conducted according to the following time schedule:

(1) Quarterly;

(2) Semi-annually; and (3) Annually.

The 'Focal-Point Approach' has been chosen for review of employee performance, which involves all employees being assessed at approximately the same time. The benefits of this approach is reported to be that supervisors have an easier time of making direct comparisons of performance of employees. Not only will supervisors conduct appraisals, the employees will also assess their own performance in a self-appraisal. The forced-distribution method will be used to appraise employee performance across various categories and employee performance will be rated in the following groups:

(1) Highest performers;

(2) Next highest performers;

(3) Middle performers

(4) Next lowest performers; and (5) Lowest performers.

Finally, the supervisors will conduct Behavioral Observation Scales (BOS), which asks that appraisers report the frequency of engagement in specific behaviors by employees.

Following the performance reviews, employees will be provided with detailed feedback so that they can adjust their performance accordingly to raise their performance to the level the organization desires.

There will be inherent challenges in the utilization of this type of assessment in that there may be difficulty in persuading customers to complete and return the surveys in a timely manner and to gain the cooperation of the key sales representatives in assisting with the distribution and acquisition of the surveys once the customers have completed filling them out.


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