Human Resource Management: Discussion Essay

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Recruitment and selection according to Werner and DeSimone (2011) is the basis for selection and placement decisions.

Compensation and benefits as yet another HRM function is concerned with the establishment as well as development of a wage structure and benefits package that can be regarded equitable (Werner and DeSimone, 2011). To spur optimal performance, an organization must amongst other things ensure that the compensation package it offers its employees is competitive. Employee (labor) relations activities on the other hand in the words of Werner and DeSimone (2011), "include developing a communications system through which employees can address their problems and grievances" (p. 9). Key issues in this case according to the author are contract negotiations and enhancement of relations with the relevant labor unions.

The last two primary functions of HRM are health, safety, and security and human resource development. While health, safety, and security has got to do with all those activities that are critical in the promotion of a healthy and safe environment at the workplace, human resource development essentially deals with the enhancement of the competence and skills of workers in an attempt to equip them with the relevant skills required to handle various job demands both in the present and in future (Werner and DeSimone, 2011).

The Contribution of Human Resource Management to an Organization's Strategic Plan

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One of the ways in which HRM can directly contribute to the strategic plan of an organization is via selection and staffing. It is important to note that the successful implementation of a plan depends on the skill of those charged with the said implementation. Human resource management comes in handy in the hiring of competent and qualified individuals.

Next, it should also be noted that to succeed in the strategic planning process, organizations must equip their employees with the necessary skills and capabilities. It is the human resource department that is usually charged with training and development.

TOPIC: Essay on Human Resource Management: Discussion Human Assignment

Third, HRM also plays a critical role in both the execution and monitoring of strategic plans. In addition to ensuring that it identifies and coordinates the activities of various departments involved in the execution of organizational goals and objectives, HRM also helps monitor the progress of key goals so as to ensure that they are aligned with the representations and projections of the management. Deviations can hence be remedied in a timely manner.

Human resource management can also help in the determination of the applicability and practicability of a strategic plan. This it could do by amongst other things taking into consideration skill availability, market conditions, budget constraints, etc.

Human resource management could also come in handy in the conduction of impact assessments. For instance, when an organization comes up with a strategic plan, it could rope in the human resource department to determine the impact the implementation of such a plan could have on different departments, organizational structure, cost forecasts, etc.


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