Human Resource Management: HRM Essay

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The private firms may not afford external help because of several difficulties like technology, direction of workforce, competitive environment and payments among others. In these private firms, the use of the soft model of human resource management is vital in handling competitive pressures. Additionally, human resource management provides managers with solutions to handle competitive pressures through:

Maximizing an Employee's Potential:

In handling the competitive pressures, human resource management provide managers with solutions through maximizing an employee's potential. These employees contribute to the individual and combined achievement of organizational objectives and strategies thus promoting the organization competitive advantage. Both public and private firms achieve competitive advantage and handle competitive pressure by capitalizing on the full potential of each of the organization's employees (Pomoni, 2009).

Enhancing Communication:

One of the major achievements of human resource management is that it teaches and inspires employees by communicating both the collectively responsible behaviors and ethical policies. Consequently, HRM plays an important role in expounding the organization's problems and offering solutions while enabling the employees to work more effectively. Additionally, human resource management provides solutions for managers to handle competitive pressure through enhancing the top-down and bottom-up communication within the organization.

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Essay on Human Resource Management: HRM (Human Assignment

Given that human resource management plays an important role in providing managers with solutions to handle competitive pressures in the competitive environment, there are companies that have excelled in following HRM strategies. On such company is LG Electronics India which has integrated the essentials of human resource with Information Technology and implemented some unique HR practices ("Best Place," n.d.). These unique HR strategies include the online recruitment management system, regular meetings between employees and managers and a joyful working programme aimed at increasing fun and satisfaction in the company.


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