Human Resource Managers Essay

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The team should comprise of people with common knowledge and with a thorough experience or background information on the organization and can share with the applicant some memoirs of the organization in expectation of positive result of the selection process. Bloisi (2007), states that the selection should be thoroughly strategized, "Much attention should be paid to the availability of those who need to partake in the process and allow adequate time for each event" (Bloisi, 2007). This may also include going through an activity competency where necessary. Even though the end result show general positive tendency, sufficient attention has to be considered on human resource management issues. It is a continual activity in mounting effective human resource strategies and their implementation both externally and internally.

The human resource function must develop both operational and strategic capacity before selection of employees for the effectiveness of the procedure. The management team involved in the interview should let the candidate have the sensible view of the position, including both sympathetic and unconstructive information. This is to help limit the candidate being deceived about the position.

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Inquiries presented to candidates during interview should focus on structured criteria for the position and the qualification. This is to be done with the aim of matching the best candidate with the blank position needed to be filled. Questions should be based on past work of the same area, which is often excellent gauge of future performance. Apart from screening on professional competency, the interview should entail questions that ought to assist find out whether the applicant's character traits and behaviors will match the job or not. Behavior-based selection method should also be used where necessary.

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A well organized selection process is beneficial for the human resource managers. This gives the applicant a good picture of the organization as well as limiting the time it takes to finalize the process. For instance, after the interview many organizations take time in contacting the candidates. It is advisable for the departments to transcribe or send a follow-up letter to the successful candidate after the interview to express thanks for their leisure pursuit in the position and the company and to give opinion to the candidate of the next steps. Timely and well-organized communication between recruiters and candidates is essential to a successful selection effort.


Organizations strive to find most suitable individuals for vacant position those capable of keeping the organization competitive within the market. In this pursuit, many spend much effort in the exercise without any positive outcome or with a mismatch. The process of recruitment and selection can be a daunting one and many human resource managers face challenges in this regard. The recruitment and selection process does not just entail managing great amounts of job resumes and choosing the right candidates for the organization but acquiring the right candidates for the right job. Though it forms the core of an organization objectives and goals recruitment is not without difficulties getting the qualified candidates, tiring recruitment process among others. The process when handled properly in regard to the required standards may prove to be quite beneficial to the management and organization in acquisition of capable and motivated personnel.


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