Human Resource Planning for Automobile Essay

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Related supplementary courses are an added advantage. The managers need be creative, computer literate with excellent interpersonal skills. The manager should be highly motivated with flexible and clear judgment. The Sales Manager will be paid $35 for every hour worked.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative welcome customer as they come to the showroom. The Sales team needs to know details both technical and non-technical on all Cadillac models. They must be updated on the latest production and market trends. The Sales Representative talks to the customer and keeps a record of all prospective customers. They are also referred to as the Showroom Managers as they control whatever takes place in there.

Sales Representatives need to be a high school graduate or a college degree in public relations or advertising. Related supplementary courses are an added advantage. They need be creative, computer literate with excellent interpersonal skills. The manager should be highly motivated with flexible and clear judgment. This position cost $18 for every hour.

Service Technician and Mechanic

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Service technicians and mechanics diagnose electrical and mechanical problems in the automobiles and adjust them. However, this can be done to a vehicle after it has been purchased. The new automobiles in the showroom have warranties and therefore General Motors is responsible for them. The however perform emission tests. Additionally, they guide and train other junior technicians to ensure they work as required. They also use the computer to schedule appointment with customers; their main work is diagnosing technical issues while locating required parts and service information.

The service technician and mechanic must be high school graduate, a University degree in electronics, physics and computers. Experience is necessary with certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (A.S.E). The technicians and mechanics should have good communication skills. In addition, they should have basic mathematical skills and proficient reading abilities. They earn between $22 and $28 for every hour depending on experience.

Office Clerk

TOPIC: Essay on Human Resource Planning for Automobile Assignment

Office clerks maintain and organize paper work. They take records of daily activities, and undertake administrative functions. They can also perform managerial functions if the need a rises. The office clerks must have a high school diploma with experience in administrative work. Computer literate need be creative, computer literate with excellent interpersonal skills. An hourly rate of $12 is payable to the clerks.


Cashier maintain business records including ledgers and maintain office inventories. Cashiers handle cash from the customers. Cashiers must have a high school diploma with supplementary courses in accounting, mathematics or finance. They get $16 an hour.


The cleaner make the automobiles ready for the showroom or parking within the premises. Cleaner in the offing should be at least high school graduate. They should be able to communicate fluently in both oral and written languages. Cleaner gets $10 for every hour.


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