Impact of Community Essay

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Q2. Dillard, Hyde and Bueno present several ways to understand inspiration as an important part of creating. In this essay, pinpoint an important myth or two concerning inspiration that these theorists debunk. Be specific, keeping in mind that all of these artists and theorists approach inspiration in practical and concrete ways.

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Hyde's concept of a creative artist is one which is securely grounded in a larger community and thus runs contrary to the idealized concept of a Renaissance artist, creating art in isolation, alone. Writers must be connected to a community to have something to articulate. Communication is a gift in the sense that it is an exchange for Hyde, and the meaning must be located outside of the artist's own framework of inner experience. This is not to say that Hyde dismisses the concept of personal creativity, which he stresses is very separate from the modern, capitalist economy. Creative inspiration is not something which can be quantified and marketed for a mass audience in a democratic fashion, either: "the true commerce of art is a gift exchange, and where that commerce can proceed on its own terms we shall be heirs to the fruits of gift exchange" (Hyde 205-206). Hyde disdains those who would see creativity as a democratic choice based upon Nielson ratings and believes that true creativity, even good works of popular culture have something lacking in them because they are not based upon mutual reciprocity thus the idea that America is a "free" nation in which to create is also suspect, given the extent to which creative artists are beholden by the market.

Essay on The Impact of Community on Assignment

Dillard is particularly interested in debunking the notion of art as a purely mental construct. All artists, particularly novelists write about material life. Yet many artist isolate themselves away from real life and, after mining the material of their childhood, never go on to produce anything of value. "If you like metaphysics, throw pots" (Dillard 46). She notices that her own work suffers and becomes elusive if she tries to escape, rather than dwell in the real world. "My work was too obscure, too symbolic, too intellectual" (Dillard 54). Much like Hyde, Dillard would agree that art does not occur in isolation, away from others. It is only by apprehending others that the artist can thrive. That is why Dillard opens up her piece on The Writing Life depicting herself comically unable to split wood. She suggests that this attempt is good for her art, even though it reveals her incompetency in the real, material world.

Finally, Bueno underlines the fact that creativity can take place anywhere, and the source of creativity does not necessarily have to be formal but also can be inspired by things such as light and shadow. In contrast to Dillard's emphasis on materiality, for Bueno inspiration can be found in images created by light which do not necessarily have a firm grounding in what we might think is the "real world" (or Hyde's sense… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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