Individual Development Plan My Current Essay

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I want to be able to press hard for my ideas, recommendations and decisions to be accepted by other team members especially when I feel it is very relevant. I also look forward to proactively be in charge of as many situations as possible and be the first to give recommendations where group of decisions are being made as opposed to just being in agreement with every opinion given by others. I want to say no firmly to lousy and unethical decisions imposed on me and avoid being easily swayed or controlled by others.

There is also need of being calm when assessing a situation before reaction to it to avoid making unsound judgments. I want to look for positives in any given circumstance so as to make the best out of a bad situation. I need to focus much of my energy on finding solutions to sensitive matters rather than losing my temper.

Reasons for Wanting to Achieve the Desired State

With having the confidence I want, I will be able to blaze extra new opportunities for myself and be able to command extra respect from other team members by making them see my worth. I will dare to give a try to new ideas and deviate from the norm which will open new opportunities for goal accomplishment and make my life much more interesting. With confidence, I will surely discover my new self.

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Being more assertive will give me a strong will and make me a hard aim of people who want to impose their poor decisions to others. I will be able to make my own choice and live on my own chosen terms. This will give me an opportunity to command more respect from others and contribute fully as a team member since my self-esteem and confidence will be high.

With the ability of taking control of my tempers, I will be extra careful on the things I say that can jeopardize my relationship with other members. I will stop wasting my time and energy venting out my irritation rather use the moment in doing positive things. This will help to stay away from pointless confrontations with people and instead have empathy Berger & Berger, 2003()

My Short-Term Goals

TOPIC: Essay on Individual Development Plan My Current Assignment

To make at least five new recommendations to my senior bosses every month, to read articles and books on building my self-confidence and apply the principles, to hire a private anger management consultant and visit him every evening for three months.

My Long-Term Goals

To be able to perform confidently in every situation, to make a routine of taking the front line in most circumstances while at the same time not going to extremes, maintain my tranquil in every situation and shun losing my tempers carelessly.

How Do I Get There

I will have to use the techniques recommended in the books and articles I would have read on how to increase my self-confidence. I will also train myself to be extra assertive by providing ideas and suggestions and by making decisions in board meetings. I will confidently ask for consent to lead new projects in the organization. As a mediator I will develop a composed mind which will give me superior temper control skill.


(8pm-9pm) Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday- read books and articles on how to develop self my confidence.

(7am-8am) Monday and Friday- put into practice my assertiveness in company's board meetings by fully participating in them.

(8am-4pm) Monday to Friday- implement and practice the skills on self-confidence in my daily line of duty.

(9am-12pm) Saturdays- attend management classes

I hope that through the cooperation of both my current and prospective senior managers and junior team members, I will make a good progress in achieving these goals. This will help in improving my performance and thus be more productive while achieve the needed self-satisfaction concurrently.


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