Infection Control Surgical Site Infections Essay

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Nurses are also responsible to check the instruments in the operating room to make sure that they meet with infection control guidelines.

Surgeons are responsible to always keep the field clear and to examine patients for any obvious signs of infection prior to operating.

The hospital administration is responsible for support of all personnel who are responsible for preventing infection in the hospital.


There is always need for improvement to any plan at times because infection is an issue that continues to grow. Therefore, monitoring of infection control procedures will be constant, and if anyone notices a procedure that would better fit a particular situation they are responsible to bring that to the attention of the staff who can affectively make the desired change.

All of these changes will be documented and forwarded to state agencies, the CDC (if warranted) and other agencies that have need of the information.

All data gathering within the area of control will be the responsibility of a designated infection control specialist who will forward the information. The lab will have designated personnel who can act in this function and will be trained to do so. Every shift will have an individual so designated so that immediate action can be taken if needed.

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One particular issue that the Joint Commission noticed in their last inspection was the control of food and drink brought on the floors (Nightingale Community Hospital, 2010). All personnel will understand the need to properly store food and the possibility of infection if food brought from home is consumed on the floor. All floor refrigerators will be checked twice a week for food and beverages that are not labeled properly or that which has expired.

Trends will be searched for in the data collected and these will be examined to see if further controls need to be put in place at specific places.

Essay on Infection Control Surgical Site Infections Assignment

Nurses and other staff that has direct communication with patients will be responsible for keeping lines of communication open to the extent that the patients will be able to tell the staff member what they feel during their post-op period. If the patient is complaining about anything that sounds infection related, the staff will have designated procedures to follow regarding individual cases. Listening to the patients and taking time to recognize symptoms is paramount.

Infection control begins with the proper washing of hands. This does not mean just the nursing personnel and the hospital staff, but all people who will come in contact with the patient. The CDC frequently asked questions regarding surgical site infections (2010), specifically mentions the need to wash hands frequently, and to not touch patients unless this is accomplished. Also, an individual should wash hands before and after contact with any patient.

Hand cleansing gel and hand washing stations shall be accessible to all staff and hospital guests. This means outside of every room and at intervals throughout the hospital.

All of these prevention measures will be monitored to ensure that they have been effective against the spread of infection. This will look at the daily activities of hospital personnel, any new information that research deems appropriate, and new regulations passed by concerned agencies.

Performance evaluations and retention will be tied to compliance with these procedures also.


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