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They were also asked how did the management of the organization where they worked informed them about the assessment of their work, here majority of both the multinational as well as local firm's employees replied with the individual interview reply. "Knowing the employees more is very important in the business of Human Resource Management" (Ewert, 1996).

Overall, it was observed that most of the employees of either the local or multinational firms agreed with each other on many different points regarding the mentioned above topics. "One of the ways by which any firm can attract a more talented workforce is to offer better incentives as compared to its rival firm" (Harris, 2004).

Now let's review the globalization article. Here, globalization is defined as the flow of goods, services, capital, people and information across borders. It has been argued that this factor has been the cause of worry for Europe over the past decade. One of the reasons for this is the rise of the far Eastern economies such as China which take advantage of their cheap exports and earn foreign capital as well as investment while Europe ends up buying the same goods and services that it manufactured in great numbers just over a decade ago.

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This article also focuses on the European tactics for the management of globalization which favors them however every step they take for their progression in an ever increasing competitive environment of today may backfire on them if not applied correctly. "The EU has become the world's largest regulatory power across a range of sectors including food and industrial chemicals" (Drezner 2007).

Essay on International Human Resource Management Articles Assignment

The European's integration policies seems to be one of their greatest strength at the international stage, here an example of France and Germany is given in which it is shown how many postwar acts of reconciliation has jointly benefitted both of these nations and Europe in general. In order to make the effects of globalization friendlier for Europe, they have developed five main mechanisms which not only assist them in facing internal challenges but also external crisis events. These five mechanisms are namely the expansion of policy scope, exercising regulatory influence, empowering international institutions, enlarging the territorial sphere of the European Union's influence and finally redistributing the costs of globalization.

Here a main obstacle comes from the competitors of European Union, nations like China and United States often use their power to enforce their terms on globalization. While the United States is the biggest economy and the biggest spender in the world the Chinese are more capable of doing a profitable trade which comes in favor of them. All of these points greatly influence Europe's position at a global stage and their chosen methodologies are today applied by the Americans as well as the Chinese in their favor which makes it very difficult for the Europeans to enforce their demands. "There is a growing literature as well on Asian efforts to manage globalization but this tends to take place at the nation-state level" (Alon, 2009).

Critical analysis

Let's analyze our chosen two main articles and see how relevant they are to the topic of International Human Resource Management (IRHM). The article related to human resource practices in Russia discusses two types of firms and how they perform their duties. "In the case of the multinational firms it is seen that they tend to bring more ideas from abroad" (Hailey, 1999), also they learn from the local environment and then execute their operations according to their overall knowledge. "The local firms often lack the key component of Internationalism since not all of them operate beyond their nation's boundaries." (Sisson, 2000) This tend to limit their creativity towards performing their tasks thus the true essence of International Human Resource Management is observed to come from the multinationals which often operate throughout the world and bring expertise and successful ideas from different corners of the globe to any host nation.

This article focuses on the aspect of IRHM but fails to give a complete picture in this regard especially when the local Russian firms are taken to consideration. There are, however many strengths of this article relating to IRHM such as the detailed answers of the questions being asked and the topics which are covered by the questions themselves. "Better HRM results from a management which is more open to new ideas" (Farrington, 1998). However, a limitation here is that only the method of survey is taken to collect data. "HRM is still in its evolving period" (Howitt, 2001).

Any individual who wants to do business in Russia through a multinational firm will have a great deal of idea of the challenges, advantages and opportunities it may face there. It is also very beneficial for those multinational firms who are currently doing business in Russia and want to upgrade or further understand their knowledge regarding the management issues there.

The second article which focuses on globalization focuses specifically on the European Union, here International Human Resource Management may come in the form of government actions. Although the principles of governing an organization can be applied to govern a government but here the focus is not directly multinational corporations. Globalization involves trade of many different sorts of equipment therefore these principles can be used there in order to attain a better profit margin as well as trust from the dealers.

The article greatly emphasizes on the five methodologies which the European Union can use in order to take more control over globalization and tend to manipulate it according to its own desires and wants but it fails to give details on a concrete solution which can assure of success. The article also did not mention any concrete proposals or ways through which the Europeans should counter the influence of United States and China at the same time.

In short, it also failed to give a good IHRM plan which the European governments might adopt or to learn from in order to be more competitive. The article should have focused on more strengths of the European Union and how it can take advantage of certain things such as Science and Technology and how it could have used it for its benefit.

From the perspective of a student or any learner, this article can give a good idea about what the official European policy is regarding international organizations, regulations, sphere of influence and so on but it fails to give something new for the reader with appropriate knowledge. For any policy maker or any government official, it shouldn't posses much interest.

IHRM Applications

Let's examine how the two articles' areas could be applied to multinational companies of both small and large magnitude. In the case of Russian venture, the multinational companies there can choose to adopt a more flexible way of conducting International Human Resource Management. Here, the firms either large or small can choose to invest more on its personnel in order to get the best results. "The organization's actions should not be limited to its staff and employees only and it should also do investment in the local population by different means which can include investment to bring better living conditions there." (Tyson, 2006) This way the public can have a more favorable view of the multinational firms operating in their territory and the firm will benefit from having their trust which can result in more profit on the business side as well.

In this regard there are many such examples where the firms have made huge investment in reducing poverty levels of the population, reducing illiteracy levels, bring more employment, giving better compensation to those whose land is affected by the firm's operations and so on. "HRM demands knowing the consumer more" (Mayrhofer, 2000).

In the case of globalization article, the International Human Resource Management application can be applied at the level of trade and finance by the European governments in order to make the trade factor more favorable for them. Here, the governments can give many incentives to their firms which operate at a multinational level so that they may find it easy to do business abroad. This includes lowering their tax rate as well as providing them more assistance to shift abroad so that they may take full advantage of their destination nation such as the cheap labor and manufacturing costs there.


In this paper, we have reviewed articles related to HRM development and globalization, in the first section we gave an overview of the articles separately and reviewed what they are about. The first article relates itself to the business practices adopted by multinational as well as local firms in Russia while the second article focuses on the factors of globalization and how the European Union is attempting to control it in its favor. The literature review section then looks further into some of the details of both the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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