Islamic Cultural Center the Building Essay

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This will be the highest point of lack of religious diversity since it is not the Islam as the faith that was responsible for the events that took place.

The denial of the construction of the centre at the identified place will also indicate an extended form of exclusion of the Muslims from the normal, daily occurrences of the U.S.A. This is in line with the fact that there other developers that are allowed to build all over the U.S.A. And even in New York. This in light of the fact that the facility is meant to be built on a private property by private using private funds hence to try and stop such a program is in itself lack of an all inclusive policy and selective preference in America (Allvoices Inc., 2011).

In any case the centre is blocked from being built, then there are chances that people and mainly Muslims will translate this as a means of social stratification where there is a class of citizens that are allowed to build beyond a certain boundary in New York. This will be message that may be sent and hence there is going to be a significant section of Americans who will be stratified to be below some social class hence not allowed to build in some areas.

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In order to amicably solve the situation, there is need for deeper consultation between the private developer and the complainants and those who were directly affected by the 9/11 incidence. The developer should not be pushed out of the areas by force or law, but he should be made to understand the trauma that many still suffer and the revival of bad memories that building such a centre may bring back, bearing that the Al-Qaeda that committed the crime happened to be Muslims. This may see the emotional aspect of it and make sense of it all hence look for an alternative area.


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Essay on Islamic Cultural Center the Building Assignment

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