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It was the Church who first gathered all the books of the Bible and gave its authoritative pronouncement that these books were the inspired Word of God and that they alone constituted the written deposit of faith -- to which nothing more would be added till the end of time. The Church, however, retained sole authority over the Bible -- and all interpretation was performed by it. Such was the case throughout the centuries. Thus, there was one doctrine and one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

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The message contained in the Koran in the Muslim faith and tradition is somewhat different, however. For example, the two interpretations of the Joseph narrative in the Book of Genesis and in the Koran offer different visions of the nature of Joseph. In Genesis, Joseph is rather described as a typology of Christ, a forerunner of the Redeemer -- one who is favored by God, one to whom the people will bow and adore, and one will be merciful and "rise from the dead." In the Koran, however, Joseph is none of those things, for Christ is not the focus of the Koran. Rather, the emphasis is placed on the mercy and greatness of God, who sees all things and who must be worshipped. In the Koran, Joseph is merely a medium through which the Koran may assert its authority and the authority of the God of the Mohammedans. The Koran concentrates on the aspect of the history that describes the way in the which the Israelites came to Egypt, and teaches its followers to glorify God and that the Koran is the provider of all knowledge (12:111). In this way, the Koran itself becomes a kind of father figure to the Mohammedans.

Conclusion: Christians and Muslims Today

Term Paper on Jesus and Mohammed the Two Assignment

While the modern world is increasingly become a place where religious practice is on the wane, we cannot dismiss the fact that Christ's message can provide a basis for meeting the modern day challenges to one's faith. In fact, while we live in an age that relies heavily on the Romantic/Enlightenment doctrine that followed on the heels of the Protestant Reformation, a real spirituality such as is manifested by the evangelists in their narratives of Jesus' life can supply for individuals what modern science often fails to deliver: a real means to grace.

The Muslim religion has likewise dominated the Middle East and maintained a solid influence in the lives of the people there. Islam preserved many texts for the West while Europe fought many wars before finally uniting under Charlemagne. Translation of the texts that inspired the Arab world was carried out, according to Prof. Hamed A. Ead under the Umayyad Caliphate "in the time of Prince Khalid ibn Yazid."

The Prince, Hamed A. Ead states, had an intense interest in alchemy and invited many Greeks from Egypt to assist his scholars. A number of other Arab translators, however, achieved renown. Among their translations were the works of Hippocrates and Galen, which helped influence the advancement of humoral pathology in the Arab world.

In conclusion, both Christ and Mohammed have contributed to the way the modern world not only views itself but views religion as well. However, the followers of both religious leaders have also played an important role in the spreading of that message, whether by means of peace or by means of the sword or by means of literature, science, learning and culture.


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