Job Redesign Approaches Essay

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According to Armstrong and Murlis (1994, p.40), the objectives of implementing a reward system are; attraction, employee motivation as well as retention of the existing workforce. Armstrong and Murlis (1994) pointed out that in the past, employers have been forced to stick to the system of collective bargaining as opposed to plant level bargaining. This has in turn has made them to unwillingly adhere to the pay structure that are subject to national level negotiation. This has denied them the flexibility of coming up with and implementing their desired monetary rewards as well as incentives aimed at motivating their staff. According to the work of Armstrong and Murlis (1994,p.20), the non-financial rewards have a focus on the needs of the employees with a slight element of other factors such as responsibility, personal growth, recognition and influence. Gross (1995, p133) went ahead to mention that the number of non-cash rewards that companies can give their employees are infinite. Examples could be a fully paid trip to holiday hotspots such as Mauritius, T-shirts, pins and caps among others. The importance of non-financial reward is that they are regarded to posses a 'trophy value' (Thorpe and Homan, 2000,p.143).Taljaad (2003) specifically recommended that the non-monetary rewards be used in automotive industry in order to motivate the low-income group. The reason as to why non-monetary rewards are appropriate for GM hourly employees is that they recognize their intrinsic needs. The intrinsic needs are the ones that needs to be met in the long-term basis. These intrinsic needs are refereed to by different names. Hellriegel, Jackson and Slocum (1999,p466) explored various theories of employee motivation. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, they these intrinsic needs are referred to as affiliation, self-actualization and self-esteem.

The current reward system should be improved in and ("Innovation scouts") should be employed within the job crafting framework and achievements should be rewarded on a monthly basis. The rewards could be in the form of a cash reward or a promotion.

Essay on Job Redesign Approaches to Revise Assignment

What recommendations would you make to improve the goal system to increase productivity and job satisfaction for this redesigned position?

Employees should be encouraged to be innovative. Innovative employees should be rewarded and their performance should always be appraisal on a constant basis

Recommend an implementation plan for bringing the redesigned position into the organization. Consider factors that might impact the intrinsic or extrinsic motivation of an employee.

The redesigned position should be implemented in various phases. The initial phase is to hire the "Talent scouts." The second phase is to organize courses and seminar on innovation and self initiative. The third phase is to carry out a pilot project in a few of GM plants. Awareness should be raised and everyone should be involved in the process of building a new direction. It is also important for a measurable plan to be draw in order to measure the success rate of the new plan.


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