Labeling Theory Originating in Sociology Essay

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" Precisely because a child is labeled a delinquent, the label "transforms the offender's identity from a doer of evil to an evil person" (Tannenbaum, 1938, pg. 37). In essence, then, social labeling theory suggests that juveniles, having been labeled a "delinquent" begin to believe not only that they are people who do bad things, but that by labeling, such children are transformed into believing they are bad people. Bench and Allen (2003) suggest that younger inmates have higher rates of disciplinary infractions than older offenders. Consequently, labeling theory would explain the incidental increase in gang activity given the relatively few opportunities for inner-city youth to achieve a measure of success. Likewise, gang leaders getting out of prison yearly for good behavior might also be explained by labeling theory given the desire to reunite with one's peers outside of the prison setting.

Clearly, the theory of labeling is marred in that it is difficult to discern not only it's applicability to delinquency, but is difficult to measure empirically. As a theory, of course, it is relevant to consider labeling as a social construct. However, the processes of delinquency causation, and of the processes involved in mitigating the effects of delinquency are likely multi-causal and should warrant further investigation by sociologists and criminologists.


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Essay on Labeling Theory Originating in Sociology Assignment

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