Leadership Analyze Describe Founding Leader(s) Essay

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Branson lets his top level executives in the various Virgin companies be involved in the decision making process. The employee's input is given consideration before making any decision although the degree of input varies from leader to leader. For example, the marketing manager can give input regarding marketing, and the products development manager can offer advice regarding what kind of product would capture the market in the best possible way. This is part of the reason that has substantially contributed to the success of the Virgin Group and the brand recognition and strength of the Virgin brand.

Though Branson lets his employees and senior management team be involved in the decision making process, he still reserves the final say in the decision and likes to keep the highly risky decisions to himself. He feels that it has been advantageous to make such precarious decisions on his own since it prevents the outbreak of a blame game when the decision goes wrong. Furthermore, Branson feels that giving appropriate praise to his employees instead of criticism helps to make sure that they are well taken care of and that they are not afraid of giving their input where it is necessary.

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The Global Brigades is a student organization which conducts various activities to make profits which are then used to help improve the lives of unfortunate people in various countries. Projects conducted are in fields such as water, public health, medicine, architecture, law, microfinance and the general environment. Quique Rodriguez is one of the co-founders of Global Brigades. He also uses a democratic leadership style that is similar to that of Richard Branson. However, the difference arises in that the final decision making does not rest on him rather it lies on a Board of Directors who have the final say.

The best leadership style is the one used by Rodriguez and Branson i.e. democracy. Democracy helps the employees to feel valued in the organization, and it builds respect and the morale of all members of the organization.

TOPIC: Essay on Leadership Analyze Describe Founding Leader(s), Assignment

The best business approach is the social-responsibility oriented entrepreneurial approach where the company makes a positive impact on the community as well as makes a profit. The reason for this is that this business approach achieves two crucial things. One is that it makes a profit for business or organization, and at the same time, it does social good for the unfortunate members of the society.

The resources that are most useful in this decision are the entrepreneurship success stories of young entrepreneurs, the online workshops that touch on various aspects of entrepreneurship and the local workshops.


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