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A transactional leader is one who focuses on procedures and steps and is a sucker for going by the book and closing out issues and events that come up. A transformation leader would be a leader who can take a department or other entity and transform it based on how it needs to evolve and change to meet modern challenges and goals. A police department that is paper-based and otherwise stuck in old procedures and methods would really need a transformation leader.

A visionary leader would be one that can revolutionize the way the police department thinks and acts. An example of a visionary leader would be the late Steve Jobs (Biography, 2013). Computers used to be an afterthought (if thought about at all) to many people but people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs turned the world on its ear as far as that goes and now people would never dream of being without their computers, tablets, iPods and phones, which are all basically computers in some manner or form.

In short, the different leadership styles a lot of the things that are needed in an organization at any given time. Sometimes, a leader that is able to support and effect change is needed while other times procedures and adherence to the same are lacking and this is where a transactional leader would be better. A good leader has to wear many hats and sometimes more than one at once to be what is needed for a firm.

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There are many models and ideas out there about leadership and how best to manifest it. Sometimes people get into navel gazing and being full of themselves and thus make the process much harder than it needs to be but a lot of other times there is simply on enough passion, not enough attention to detail and not enough raw and unbridled leadership being shown. The whole "the buck stops here" of Truman's days is sorely missing in a lot of firms and even legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley and economic events the Great Recession have failed to stir some people while it has sent others off the deep end. At the end of it all, a balance approach based on equity, reasonable thought patterns and fairness is the right way to go and over-analzying and over-regulating is not always the right solution.


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