Leadership Style: What Do People Essay

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Her flair for unpopular (although mostly beneficial) business decisions could also be viewed as a weakness. This is more so the case given that in the past, some business leaders have experienced failure as a result of going against the grain.

In my view, the single trait that has contributed immensely to Whitman's success as a leader is her inherent ability to communicate effectively and relate well with others. As I have already pointed out elsewhere in this text, Meg Whitman has been a champion of change in almost all the assignments she has undertaken. This she does by inspiring and influencing others to action as opposed to coercing them.

The Influence of Communication and Collaboration, and Power and Politics on Group Dynamics

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Group dynamics is defined by Forsyth (2010) as "the influential actions, processes, and changes that occur within and between groups over time." It is important to note from the onset that effective communication and enhanced collaboration do promote not only active participation but also group cohesiveness. Indeed, for a group to be cohesive and hence function effectively, it must be able to communicate in an efficient way. Effective communication and enhanced collaboration between group members also promotes favorable attitudes between members. Next, we have power and politics and their influence on group dynamics. As Forsyth (2010) points out, power remains an essential component to group life. Although those in positions of leadership have the full backing of official authority and hence influence, group members could exhibit significant influence through the formation of alliances (Forsyth, 2010). As the author further points out, when the application of power prompts members of a group to rake action, the effects of power in this case are seen as being largely positive.


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TOPIC: Essay on Leadership Style: What Do People Assignment

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