Learning Due Primarily Essay

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Under this scenario, unlike the other learning theories, the educator focuses on building intelligence and cognitive development.

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Cognitively the student benefits as more information is retained over time which can then be utilized at will. By focusing on the how the individual learns, the cognitive theory relies on the students strengths. The approach is also very holistic as it incorporates many different concepts that will develop over time. Life is constantly changing. Children enter high school, get their first job, date the opposite sex, and marry one another. Each experience is dynamic in that it increases cognition in each respective step. However, in many instances, these experiences are unique to the individual. Specifically, cognitive theory argued that reality involves transformations and states of mind and body. Many experts refer to transformations as all manners of changes that a thing or person can undergo. This definition is broad and incorporates the varying dynamics of life. No two occurrences are completely unique in regards to cognition. This is the same in a classroom environment as well. A lecture can be perceived in entirely different ways depending on the cognitive ability of the student. States refer to the conditions or the appearances in which things or persons can be found between transformations. For example, humans change in their characteristics as they grow older. Older individuals become more injury prone in many respects. They are also more susceptible to disease. Thus, cognitive theory argues, that if human intelligence is to be adaptive, it must have functions to represent both the transformational and the static aspects of reality.

Essay on Learning Due Primarily to the Assignment

Applying this concept to learning, student has different phases of learning and development. In some instances, a universal approach towards all students in the classroom will not work. However, by utilizing various tactics to appeal to cognition, overall learning is enhanced. By cognitively and emotionally, this is important as students are essentially learning how to learn in their own best way. There are not, as in traditional methods, learning from routine and universal tasks. This becomes important, later in life, as individuals continue to learn various concepts that will aid in their overall development.

In conclusion, cognitive theory is very appropriate given the changing dynamics of the world economy. Globalization and technology have given rise to new and innovative aspects to learning and cognitive retention. Utilizing the above mentioned metrics and theories positions students to take advantage of the prosperity that is bound to occur in regards to learning. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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