Learning Experience Related to End Essay

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For those not cognitively impaired, even aging, and are typically able to at least describe the level of pain they may be undergoing. One of the critical questions deals with pain memory -- dementia patients do not appear to have much memory cognition, thus it is unclear how much long-term or lingering pain they may experience. Dementia is a serious health consideration, yet it is seriously underfunded while costing the UK economy over 23 billion pounds per year; far more than cancer and heart disease combined (Alzheimer's Research Trust 2011; Mast 2009).

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Grief is a part of being human, everyone experiences transformation in many ways; active, passive, pushing and shoving, begrudgingly, etc. Loss and grief, rather than being a tragedy of living, and be an opportunity for transformation and personal growth. In general, grief can help us from seeing ourselves as the center of the universe and seeing the universe as the center of who we are. Grief and loss as are transformation -- as a process to move through. Kubler-Ross, one of the foremost authorities on the subject, is more general in believing that humans will all go through her stages, but at different rates. Grief or loss can cause change -- force evolution, if you will, into the human ability for personal growth and self-actualization. Certainly grief is a human emotion; as much a part of us (Kubler-Ross 2009). Psychologically, grief is a response to loss -- conventionally emotional, but also having physical, cognitive, social, philosophical, and even behavioral dimensions. Simply because nurses deal with death more regularly than most does not mean that grief is not an important process; most particularly with the efforts to communicate appropriate with family members and colleagues (Domrose 2011).

TOPIC: Essay on Learning Experience Related to End Assignment

Caregivers, as we have seen, are well aware that the person to whom they are giving care is often in a terminal stage of illness. Most have accepted this mentally, long before any end-stage of life issues occur (Waldrop 2007). However, despite accepting the nature of the terminal nature of the illness menatlly, there is still a psychological shock when the caregiver is confronted with traumatic grief. Despite this trauma, most caregivers perceive that they are coping fairly well- under the circumstances (Grace 2010). There does seem, however, to be a significant correlation between the quality of information and support services extended to the carefiver prior to and after the demise of the patient, and the caregiver's ability to process the grief and move on with their own lives (Hudson 2006).

Family Situation- Mary was well-known to the Distric Nursing Team due to having long-term ulcers. The daughters were both unable to meet me during my first visit, and upon the first visit, patient was found sitting in her chair alone, with a note to remind her to eat and drink. This was certainly important and beside pain issues, it is common to find dementia patients with problems keeping hydrated and their blood sugar up (Alzheimer's Society 2012). Dementia patients, in fact, have not only diminished pain cognition, but their hunger and thirst senses are diminished, often resulting in more serious issues when combined with their advanced age and other health concerns (National Council for Pallative Care 2012).

Based on Mary's chart notes, it appeared that Mary was sad and depressed, not the normal cherry and chatty individual noted. Attempts at communication were unsuccessful, but there was a sense patient was trying to make herself [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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