Learning Improving Learning Strategies Essay

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Revision for exams also incorporated group revision session where peers would meet and discusses the issues, such as asking questions to test each others knowledge, these sessions were partially useful.

It appears that comparing the preferred learning style identified by the VARK questionnaire and the existing learning there has been some alignment of the natural development of learning strategies, but there are also some significant gaps. The traditional approach to lessons, especially in higher education has been to make use of notes taken in class; it is unsurprising that almost all students make use of this approach. However, this strategy, without any adjustment may not be the optimal approach for the aural learner, as it focuses ion the written rather than the auditory senses. Indeed, the use of the written skills while trying to use the auditory senses may be a distraction, which is why one of the suggestions for aural learners is to make rough notes and focus on listening in order to complete the notes after the class (VARK, 2012).

The reading that is necessary has seen the adoption of a technique that heals aural users' reading the text out loud to increase the absorption of the knowledge. This is aligned with the aural style and the participation in revision groups withy peers is also a strategy that is recommended for aural learners.

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This assessment indicates that there is still some room for improvement. The note taking is the first area which may be improved. The first strategy may be to undertake the recommended approach making rough notes with room to add to them later. However, this may also be supplemented with the use of a tape recorder to record the lessons, this way that note taking may be supplemented in a manner that will ensure the greatest potential intake. The recording may also be used to replay to hear the lesson when needed to increase input.

Essay on Learning Improving Learning Strategies Based Assignment

A second strategy may be to increase the use of peer discussion groups. The current strategy sees these used only in the period immediately before exams, with the aim of revision. The student may be able to set up a regular discussion group, as it is likely the same strategy will also benefit other students. This more regular meeting may facilitate ongoing learning throughout the source in a manner that is suited to the aural inputs.

Overall, there is already some degree or adjustment for the aural style, but the increased use of aural techniques may increased the learning experience and better the absorption and processing of information for later recall and aid in both short- and long-term learning. An improvement that is possible as a direct result of taking the VARK questionnaire and using the results.


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