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According to one study, more than 58% of working mothers in Japan desired balance between work and family, but only 12% felt they actually had a satisfactory balance. In a U.S. survey, 77% of Americans believe that businesses should be required to provide paid family and medical leave, and 68% believe that employers should provide more funding for childcare. There have been studies that have shown that workers who have been given more flexibility in the workplace prove to be better workers and more productive. Consequently, the evidence indicates that providing more flexibility in constructing employees' work schedules would actually boost employee morale and facilitate greater productivity, definitely a win-win situation. However, instituting paternal leave will counteract the discrimination women face over pregnancy and maternal leave because it will decrease the importance of child birth.

Furthermore, if the workforce has a standard leave of absence for all parents, maternity leaves will disappear, and how a woman's body heals varies from woman to woman. People do not the maternity leave very seriously. They treat it as if the woman is asking for vacation time. Therefore, passing a law for paternal leave will overshadow the discrimination women face over pregnancy and maternal leave.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Leave Becoming a New Mother Assignment

"Social science studies also show the persistence of stereotyped perceptions and decision-making with respect to pregnant workers. For example, one recent study concluded that "negative stereotypes and beliefs associated with pregnant working women do exist, and that men are more likely than women to hold these beliefs," while another by the same researchers found that subjects assigned consistently lower performance ratings to a pregnant worker viewed on video than an identical, non-pregnant worker.42 "Pregnant women," these researchers found, "were viewed as overly emotional, often irrational, physically limited, and less than committed to their jobs. They were not seen as valued or dependable employees."43 Another study found that "pregnant women evoke hostile reactions in situations in which they stray from the traditional feminine gender role. As a result, pregnant women may face significant obstacles to successful employment."44 A third found that "subordinates studied tended to have more negative impressions of the pregnant manager and of their interactions with her than they did of the manager who was not pregnant" (Pregnancy, Work, and the Promise of Equal Citizenship).

Finally, becoming a new mother is very exciting as well as it can be very stressful. The questions of, Will I have enough time to spend with my child; am I financially stable; will my job allow me to take off if needed will continue to be concerns of a new mother. Also, most mothers will continue to be concerned with what are my rights regarding having to take time off after giving birth, how will this affect my job status and support by my employer, and how will this impact my family life and possibly affect my well-being and health. Therefore, pregnant women need all of the support that they can get. In the workplace, even in modern society, they have to fight for their maternity leave which allowed to them by law. If a parental leave law is passed, it would cancel out maternity leave, which would give more discrimination to women.

"While citizenship is not as central today in women's rights advocacy or litigation, the notion of avoiding "second-class citizenship" continues to animate courts and policymakers. Legislative history of antidiscrimination laws is replete with calls to end the lesser citizenship status of women, people of color, the disabled, and other historically disadvantaged groups. Justice Ginsburg invoked the idea of equal citizenship explicitly and powerfully in United States v. Virginia, in which the Court struck down the Virginia Military Institute's longstanding male-only admissions policy.106 There, she wrote that "[n]either federal nor state government acts compatibly with equal protection when a law or official policy denies to women, simply because they are women, full citizenship stature -- equal opportunity to aspire, achieve, participate in and contribute to society based on their individual talents and capacities."107 We thus cannot discount the powerful connection between citizenship and women's rights, which ultimately outweighs the concerns about exclusion" (Pregnancy, Work, and the Promise of Equal Citizenship).

To put an understanding to this argument, a parental leave should not be passed because it will counteract maternity leave. It has been proven that when peers of the same common interest are involved, women are supported better. This is because they feel like they have that support that they need especially when they are being seen as insignificant in society. The progressions of credentials, assessment, categorization, placement, and instruction have truly meant to show that instituting paternal leave will counteract the discrimination women face over pregnancy and maternal leave. In these cases, the differences comprise the situation and at the same time, they also are components that can form the solution; society is the problem, society is also the solution. Countless of facets under the study of instituting paternal leave will counteract the discrimination women face over pregnancy and maternal leave are yet to be tackled and given emphasis, and it seems likely that the solution lies within the situation. Despite the issues, diversity enables any study or observation of women to be theoretical. However, the society does overlook how important it is to have a maternity leave. Women need to have a nurturing support system in their development. It can be concluded that this support system can be supplied by the law since it reaches a wider audience, which is around a diverse world that contains different types of women. From there, cultures define the role of women through different medias that have grown and changed over the last centuries, which means instituting paternal leave will counteract the discrimination women face over pregnancy and maternal leave.

Babies are a gift from God. They deserve the best mother and home possible. Therefore, women deserve the best possible working environment. This means flexible hours, laws in place to protect them from harassment in the workplace and a boss that is willing to work with them. Women make up over half of the workforce and they should have rights to protect them and allow them the opportunity to be good mothers and wives too.

"Work is important beyond its facilitation of democratic participation. Vicki Schultz has argued that "jobs create people" because they shape individuals' behavior and self-conception.131 Sociologists have long argued that work is intricately linked to self-identity,132 but work also affects conceptions of others and standing in the community.133 As Kenneth Karst has written, "[i]n our society, as much as anywhere else in the world, work is a means of proving yourself worthy in your own eyes and in the eyes of others."134 Paid work also has proven tangible benefits to the individual, including greater psychological well-being and economic security, and to society. There is little research on the well-being of pregnant female workers, but there is some evidence that they experience these benefits as well. One review study concluded that "several studies find that when working conditions are suitable, working during pregnancyis beneficial to the psychological well-being and financial status of the pregnant women" (Pregnancy, Work, and the Promise of Equal Citizenship).


Most mothers-to-be are concerned with what their rights are regarding having to take time off after giving birth, how motherhood will this affect one's job status and support by the employer, and how it will impact one's family life and potentially affect one's well-being and health. This is very stressful and by adding a parental leave will counteract the maternity leave.

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