Legalize Marijuana Legalizing Essay

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Lighting any substance produces toxins that stay in the lungs, and are harmful. Some believe that any marijuana use leads to the need for more elevated drugs; and it is but a stepping stone to cocaine or heroin. Further, this view holds that legalization of any time might allow marijuana to become more readily available to minors. Finally, the anti-view believes that marijuana is a serious enough drug that it will engender more crime (DEA Speaks Out Against Legislation). This may be true, but marijuana may be ingested in a number of non-invasive ways and still provide the medical benefits. It may be used in cooking by infusing it into butter, then into baked goods; it may be made into candy; it may be reduced and formed into a medicinal balm, and it may even be inhaled using a less toxic "vaporizing" technique, which drastically reduces the number of byproducts than other smoking techniques.

We know alcohol and tobacco are legal. Marijuana, if used in moderation or for medicinal purposes, if no more harmful. Legalization would allow quality control, a source of additional tax revenue, better police and federal DEA resource allocation, and a lower price that would discourage crime. The medical benefits are such that thousands of people would be helped on a daily basis, increasing their quality of life, all from a natural substance (Sanchez).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Legalize Marijuana Legalizing Marijuana in Assignment

Logically, when one weighs the benefits vs. The negatives, from a utilitarian point-of-view, marijuana should be immediately legalized for medical purposes. It is a natural substance, it has fewer side effects than most pharmaceuticals, it is less expensive to produce than traditional pharmaceuticals, and now, smoking is unnecessary -- it can be vaporized. Control [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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