Lesson Plan for Professional Development Essay

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This generation is about displaying their life online -- Facebook, Twitter, etc. They do not necessarily think it is necessary to write a thank you card, be on time, or even make plans in advance. Still, they amass information at a phenomenal rate, they are able to mini-task, but rarely desire depth, and yet are the most tolerant of individual differences (gender, race, sexuality) of any generation so far.

Finally, possibly the most I learned from this exercise was in handling the ways we as instructors might creatively, without sounding preachy, introduce the value of older people to our students; and to help them understand more of a chronology of life; what these people went through, many still who went through 2 wars, civil strife, and certainly a different set of expectations as they were raising their families and growing old. I am hoping it will be meaningful for them to go through the steps of research (both academic and social) and learn to combine the two into something meaningful. Without even teaching the lesson I believe I have a better understanding of what value an elder might have as a perspective on various subjects.

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TOPIC: Essay on Lesson Plan for Professional Development Assignment

Tyndale, J. (2005, May). Respect for the Elderly. Retrieved April 2011, from The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition:…
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